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From: David Garfinkel
San Francisco
Tuesday, 10:42 am

Do This On Friday, And Have Cash Come In The Door On Monday

How much cash? That’s up to you. I’ve helped people make over a million dollars in 3 days.

Here’s what’s important – I have a proven, easy-to-use system for creating “money magnet” sales letters FAST,

and it will work for just about any business owner (even if you thought you couldn’t write copy to save your own life)!


High Speed Copywriting is hands-down the course that any copywriter – newbie or pro – must have, because it really does supercharge a writer’s ability to crank out amazing copy in hyperspeed time, by breaking everything essential into foolproof, simple steps.”
–Raffino Morstar
Business Strategy Expert

Dear Friend,

If you would like to raise cash quickly for your business (anytime you want), read this letter carefully. You are about to discover the best method ever developed for bringing in piles of money – without investors, loans, or using a gun!

My name is David Garfinkel and I charge $25,000 plus 5% of gross sales to write a sales letter. But please don’t try to hire me.

For two reasons:

1. With three businesses of my own and four lucrative partnerships, I’d much rather write letters for my own projects. (Although in a moment you will see how I could easily fit in four “extra” sales letters a month – and why this is to your advantage!)

2. Because I am a teacher as well as a top copywriter and a fire-breathing entrepreneur, I have a strong desire to give you a way create these high-powered sales letters for yourself.

Now that may sound strange.

But really, by giving you what I know, it does not reduce my opportunities in the market.

Instead, it gets me credit for an invention I was forced to make.


When I First Started Writing Copy 20 Years Ago,
I Seriously Endangered My Health! No Kidding

Writing copy is rarely hazardous to your health. But it was for me, because I used to get so stressed out – and so worked up about how hard it was to write copy.

One time, in fact, it got so bad that I contracted walking pneumonia. Just from burning the midnight oil night after night.

It was then I decided, “There must be a better way.”

And so, since 1993, I have spent about half my time then writing lucrative sales letters (far more lucrative for my clients than for me, but I’m not complaining : ) – and the other half trying to solve a problem that nearly put me in the hospital several times:

Why Is It So Frickin’ Hard To Write Sales Copy That Works?
Besides That – Why Does It Take So Frickin’ Long?”

Since 1999, I’ve been coming out with pioneering products to help people write copy faster. For example, my Copywriting Templates™ have helped thousands of business owners remove the struggle from writing headlines, bullets, stories, offers, and closes.

Today, I have to admit, they were OK. For some people, so-so. For others, like a gift from God.

Yes, I’ve made it easier for thousands of people around the world to write better copy faster – or even to write copy at all!

But I had not completed my mission. There were still things to make easier, make faster, make better.

Today, I’m a lot closer. I’ll even admit that, as good as it was, everything I did before doesn’t really hold a candle to my new program. This program comes from 20 years of teaching, coaching, trying, refining, succeeding and failing, tweaking and testing, dealing frustration… and trying again.

Finally – it all came together. Eureka! (and I don’t mean the vacuum cleaner… ) Because this new program

Lets You Write A Complete Sales Letter Or Ad In A Weekend!
Wait, That’s Not Entirely Accurate. Because When Used As Directed…

You don’t write the sales letter at all, because…

The sales letter writes you!

This new program actually “tricks” you into getting everything ready for your sales letter in a few hours of simple activities. Almost effortlessly. It’s really more like putting together a resume or filling out a simple questionnaire.

And the payoff is huge. Because once you’ve gone through 10 simple steps – and you can do all of them in a few hours – then there’s virtually no “hard work” left to do. You just string them together… and your sales letter is done.



I feel confident that I could easily write 1 to 2 full sales pages every day now without breaking a sweat if I wanted to. I might even start doing some freelance copywriting, now that I have this formula. It’s a system that makes it so darn easy… I didn’t do any freelancing before because I thought it would take up too much time, but now I feel like a human sales letter factory.”
-Jason Parker
Internet Marketer

I Really Wonder What You’re Thinking At This Point!

Because if you’ve stayed with me this far, I’m sure you think I am either the slickest con man you have ever run across, or completely out of my mind.

Which is a reasonable response. Especially if you have ever written a sales letter that actually works – or tried to.

I mean, if I were to read what I just wrote, but it was 20 years ago, then that would have been my reaction.

But listen.

I went to the ends of the earth to learn what I needed to know, and then I put it into a system so good that it has the Halbert Seal of Approval…

Because Bond Halbert Was One Of The VIP Guests When I Premiered It!

Let me be completely open about this. You may know of me as a copywriter or a copywriting coach, but the whole picture is that I am a business owner like you. An entrepreneur with so many things going on that I am constantly seeking out ways to get more things done well – in less time!

My business partner Brian McLeod is also better known as a copywriter and marketer than as a hard-core business-builder. But in a previous life, Brian led a team that put together a company ended up making $30 million a year.

So we both know the true meaning of the word “busy… ”

Naturally, I wanted to avoid repeating painful experience (see: “walking pneumonia.”) And the core-level truth is: I created the High Speed Copywriting system for myself! (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.) Brian added unique value that makes this system easy for anyone to use – and, to make money with.

We put this all together into an easy-to-use system because a lot of people needed what I needed:

A reliable way to create copy while I’m running, managing, and developing new products for my coaching, training, and business-innovation ventures!

Bond Halbert was the first person to clearly see how High Speed Copywriting is fundamentally different from every other copywriting system out there.

Specifically: I did not create this product to turn anyone into an A-List Copywriter.

The real purpose of High Speed Copywriting is to help business owners and executives who need to get good copy done fast. High Speed Copywriting is a streamlined system to create great copy quickly and with little to no effort – and, to save you the typical $10,000 – $15,000 investment that you would have to pay a medium-level pro copywriter to write the same copy for you, so you could get the same result with copy you write using this system.

But The Funny Thing Is, It Also Works Great For Experienced Copywriters!

Look at it this way. If you found a way to take six strokes off of any golfer’s game, don’t you think Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods would want to try it, too?

Even if your product was designed for golfers who only played on weekends, rather than spent their whole lives trying to be the best they could be (maybe the best in the world)?

At our live seminar in May, one professional copywriter (who was also a celebrity speaker at the event) openly admitted on camera that she used the system to complete a sales letter she had been procrastinating on for seven months!

But, to be clear, most of the people who have benefited of High-Speed Copywriting have been and always will be business owners. Because when you confidently know you can put together a sales letter or a powerful email “on command,” then you have the unique ability to

Write Yourself A Check For Whatever Amount You Want…
Cash It… Confidently Knowing It Won’t Bounce!

True story: Yesterday I was talking with one of my buddies (a very successful pro copywriter) about his early days in the business.

He walked into the offices of a new client. This business owner knew how copy really worked. He told the ‘new-guy copywriter’: “We need to get $50,000 by the end of the week.”

When he heard that years ago, my buddy’s head nearly exploded.

The business owner didn’t care. He calmly proceeded to map out exactly what needed to be written; how it needed to be mailed; who it needed to be mailed to; and what would happen as a result.

Four days later, my buddy told me, his jaw dropped.

Because his client had an additional $50,000 in the bank!

That’s what you can do when you are a business owner with the ability to write good copy quickly!

But Suppose You Know You “Should” Write Copy… But…
That Just Isn’t Going To Happen…” ?

One more thing. We all have different skills and talents. If you’re one of those business owners who needs copy but you know the Earth will disappear from the known universe before you actually write the copy yourself, how could this program help you?

It’s simple. Once you go through it once (even kicking and screaming), you will know more than almost every ad agency… probably all of your competitors… and even many so-called ‘pro copywriters.’

What that means is: You’ll know more about what it takes for copy to bring in the buckeroos.

This lets you hire much less expensive copywriters and direct their work to get cash-rich returns. So you get ten-dollar-bill results for fifty-cent investments.

See… every business owner needs know how to think like a high-yield copywriter… whether or not you ever end up writing a word of copy for your business yourself!

You’re Busy… I’m Busy… Let’s Cut To The Chase… What Do You Get?

When Brian and I premiered High Speed Copywriting in San Francisco, we gave people a two-day workshop and a complete step-by-step system for $1300. Students flew in from as far away as Singapore to attend, and to get our system.

Was $1300 too little? Most people thought so. Looking back, so do we. And when we do the workshop again, it will most likely cost $2500 to get in.

But during the San Francisco event, we carefully recorded “in the room” videos so you can replicate the experience – “the closest thing to being there,” as they say.

When you get your system and use it for the first time, the best thing to do is get in a room, lock the door, and watch the Saturday morning session on DVD (on your computer or TV). It will take you two hours or less, and you will be so much further ahead than most “old school” pro copywriters are after a full day’s worth of work.

Now you’ve only got two sessions left. Another two hours for the Saturday afternoon workshop. At this point, your letter is practically already written, but you won’t realize it yet. Because you’ve just been following some very simple instructions. No brain-wracking creativity. No struggle or writer’s block. Just going one step at a time.

Take The Rest Of The Day Off!

Do something you enjoy. Have fun.

Your sales letter? Fergettaboutit! : )

It’ll wait for you.

Then, the next morning, back in the locked room. No phones. No email. No looking at “interesting” pictures on the Internet.

Just follow the 8 simple steps from Sunday’s session. It will take you about 4 hours.

And – presto-changeo!

Your sales letter’s done.

Yeah, I Know That’s Hard To Believe. In Fact…

Even though this worked for me and it worked for Brian, we went in not 100% sure that it would work for everyone in the room.

But look at what they had to say:



“I’ve written more sales copy in these two days than I’ve written in the past month… Faster and easier!”
– Andrew Brumana
Webmaster and Marketing Manager


“This is a simple system that makes writing fast powerful copy really easy. In addition to that, I was able to take away ideas brainstormed during the
seminar that will easily add tens of thousand of more profit to my business.”
-Alvin Huang
Owner, Success Advantage PTE LTD



“I’ve been a copywriter for 8 years, and I was surprised to discover how many new tools and processes this program gave me.David’s ‘magic’ questions are like a GPS that gently guide you toward the creation of a powerful message that is sure to get much better results than if you had gone it alone and taken your chances with the dreaded blank screen.

Thanks for making this mysterious art more accessible to people who don’t want to spend years learning how to write copy before they can finally start making money.”
-Jason Lane, Copywriter
Boston, MA



“This system makes it so easy, it’s ridiculous!”
-Travis Cody
Entrepreneur, Entertainment Professional, Copywriter


“If you’ve ever had the feeling that you just want to barf, or you’ve had a lot of anxiety, when you’re sitting down to write copy, then I’d highly recommend High Speed Copywriting.”
-Mike Hays
Owner, Missing Link, Inc.

How would you like to have the same experiences… the same new capabilities… the same confidence… and the same
results the people at the live workshop got?

We captured every minute of it on video and edited out the breaks and the time students were writing. And we put it all on broadcast-quality DVDs, with navigation menus, so you can easily reference every portion (and save time if you want to check a single part of the system one more time).

You Get 4 Professionally Edited DVDs
With The Complete High Speed Copywriting System

hsc course

The same system our students paid $1300 for (plus airfare, hotel, and… those tabs at the hotel bar… I don’t even want to think about that…).

But due to the unheard-of generosity of Kevin and Bond, you ALSO get this FREE bonus when you order from them:


Gary Halbert’s Brainstorming Sessions

BrainstormingCDLabelFinalDisk1-12 disk composit reflectionsmall

Get All The Details On This Bonus HERE

Let me share something very personal with you. One of the major reasons I’m so grateful to Kevin and Bond is…

The huge influence their dad, Gary Halbert, had on my life!

Because 20 years ago, my career (and my dwindling savings) were heading straight down the tubes.

At that time, I was lucky enough to meet Gary in person at his famous “Hurricane Andrew” seminar.

(He made the seminar a fundraiser for the Red Cross, to help hurricane victims. He didn’t charge a dime — everyone attended for free!)

That seminar quite literally changed my life… my fortunes… and along the way, it repaired my limping self-confidence and bolstered my sense of possibilities.

And it just wouldn’t have happened without Gary.

But then again, it’s no news to you that I am one of thousands of people – probably hundreds of thousands – whose lives Gary affected for the better.

Many people became millionaires… or added millions to their already substantial bank accounts… because of one idea, one headline, or one small but crucially powerful shift that Gary gave them to make.

And that’s what the Gary Halbert Brainstorming Sessions are all about.

You see, Gary invited over 100 paid subscribers to his newsletter (I was once one myself) to a very famous seaside resort in Southern California for brainstorming. These casual “roundtable-style” conversations are chock-full of Gary, coming up with brilliant idea after brilliant idea.


And every one was a home run!

(For like his sons, Gary, too, was generous… and incredibly loyal to his subscribers and customers. Because clients routinely paid hefty sums to get “can’t-miss” money-making ideas from him – just like those he gave to 105 lucky subscribers at these Brainstorming Sessions.)

To put the icing on the cake, Gary brought in such heavy hitters as John Carlton, Jay Abraham, Blade Thomas, to add fuel to the fire.

What you’ll hear on these 12 value-packed CDs is how of the best marketers in the world go about helping business owners almost instantly skyrocket their profits.

As you listen to these audios, imagine how you can apply the same ideas you are hearing to your own business. Since many of his subscribers have businesses remarkably similar to yours. What an opportunity!

When these CDs came out a few years ago, you would have paid close to $1,000.00 to get your hands on them… but, like I said, as a gesture of over-the-top generosity, Kevin and Bond are throwing them in as free bonuses when you order High Speed Copywriting from this page.

Remember, however, the supply really is limited… because once Kevin and Bond run out of their current inventory of CDs, you may not be able to get this valuable bonus any longer in any way or for any price. So make sure you order now!


You Get The Complete Workshop Workbook
Along With An Extra Set Of Forms You Can Duplicate

so you can use the system over and over again, to create winning (which means, cash-generating) sales letter after sales letter!

Plus, You Get Four Bonus Sessions
With Our All-Star Line-up Of Guest Speakers

You could pay up to $2500 for one hour of their time. But their power-packed, no-holds-barred sessions (on two DVDs) come as part of the High Speed Copywriting package:

John Carlton – “The Darkest (Essential) Secrets For Your Bag of Tricks”

Craig Eubanks – “How To Write Emails in 25 Minutes (or less)”

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero – “Copywriting Secrets that Sell to 85% of the Buying Market”

Million Dollar” Mike Morgan – “Cutting Edge Sales Funnels”

Yes, It Comes With A No-Hassle, “You Must Be Satisfied”
Money-Back Guarantee. Because…

Brian and I are determined to take all the risk out of this for you and make it a no-brainer for you to try – and prosper from – The High Speed Copywriting System.

Try it out, and you have up to 30 days after you receive it to make up your mind as to whether this is for you.

If not, simply let us know by email that you’ll be returning it… get an authorization email (so we can alert our fulfillment house)… and once it is returned in good condition, we will refund your money. Every penny of it. No muss, no fuss. It’s that simple.

Of course, we’re betting you won’t part with your High Speed Copywriting System for anything. Just like Bond, who made his own brother Kevin give him “collateral” when Kevin wanted to borrow the workbook from the live event! : )

So Get It Now – And Start Creating “Money Printing Press”
Sales Letters For Your Business (Or Your Clients) Right Away!

People tell me I’m stupid to offer this for only $497, because it is worth so much more. But I don’t care. The wounds are too fresh from years of struggling with copy myself.

Now that this system has been tested and proven, I don’t want you to go through what I’ve been through.

That’s why I want to make this amazing system available to everyone who can use it.

For a limited time, it’s just $497. Free shipping in the US and Canada, $29.95 shipping to all other countries.

And when you order, you’ll get an Instant Bonus on how to cut your research time in half and double its effectiveness. Not even our $1300 seminar participants got this! But it’s yours free when you order today.


LINK: US/CANADA[high_impact_btn_order_now link=”http://www.autopilotriches.com/SecureCart/SecureCart.aspx?mid=35451309-CB46-4202-8A7A-366B3253C057&pid=fe7ee38349bc4919b628becd69d75729&bn=1″ + target=”_self”] [/high_impact_btn_order_now]


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I promise you: This will be the best investment in your marketing you make all year. It will change your business, and your life, in ways I can’t even fully describe.

So seize this opportunity and order now!


david sig 3

David Garfinkel

Coach, Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

P.S. If you’ve ever wanted a way to raise a lot of cash quickly with no strings attached, writing a good sales letter is that way. And now, with High Speed Copywriting, you can do this without studying the art and science of copywriting for 20 or 30 years!

P.P.S. Before I wrote this letter, Bond threw me a friendly challenge: Time myself!

I thought it was a fair request. After all, I’m going around telling people I can slash their copywriting time by days, even weeks. So I took out my iPhone, set it on “stopwatch,” and timed every second of my writing.

Here’s a photo of the iPhone after I finished session 2:

2 hours, 27 minutes, 51 seconds.

Here’s the report. Because I was doing so many other things, I had to write it in short spurts, between phone calls, coaching sessions, answering emails, accepting a three-day speaking engagement in Vegas, and – ugh – two and one half hours in the dentist’s chair (this morning).

Six sessions: 39 minutes, 14 seconds. 36 minutes, 50 seconds. 27 minutes, 50 seconds. 11 minutes, 25 seconds. 52 minutes, 5 seconds. 24 minutes, 37 seconds.

Grand total:

2 hours, 27 minutes, 51 seconds.

Compare that to a sales letter I wrote for a client four years ago. It made them over a million dollars in three days.

I spent three months researching the letter and 3 solid days – about 36 hours – writing the letter itself.

Now will this letter (the one you’re reading now) make me $1 million?

Probably not. But it will make me and Brian a lot of money.

However – and this is important – the product I’m writing about in this letter can make you a good deal more than $1 million if you use it and put the right offer in front of the right prospects.

Think about that.



“I always thought great copywriting took a lot of time and a lot of talent. After going through the High Speed Copywriting course with absolutely no experience, I now have both.”

-James Seetoo

Executive Recruiter, Carlsbad, CA

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