Gary Halbert Ad Breakdown (Berry Trim) 20

I’m going to prove you right in a big way.

     My name is Kevin Halbert and my brother Bond and I are going to prove to you that when our father passed away, he took a massive amount of marketing secrets and know-how with him.

    The reason a vast amount of his copywriting prowess remained in the dark is because there is WAY too much going on in his copy to explain all the nuances in any reasonable amount of time.

    You see, when people are paying you anywhere from $10,000-$15,000 for a one to three day intensive seminar, there is simply too much ground to cover in a very short period of time.

    I’m gonna let you in on a little secret… at MOST of his seminars, he didn’t teach copywriting… the larger part of his expertise was spent teaching people MARKETING… of course copywriting is a sub category of marketing, but most of the time, Gary covered the over-arching subject of marketing instead of focusing on drilling down to the intricacies of copywriting.

    He made sure to teach about… dollar bill letters… ad placement… media buys… list selection… profiling your prospects… starving crowds… getting into the “A” pile… multi-step mailings… the arithmetic of marketing… tear sheet mailings… sales funnels… back end marketing and etc.

    Don’t get me wrong… he definitely taught people copywriting and dare I say, he taught more of it, and gave his knowledge more freely than any other marketer who has ever lived.

    But, I think it would blow many people away to know just how much was left unsaid.

    Copywriters seek out Gary Halbert ads for two reasons.

    The good reason is Gary Halbert told his readers to take his ads and write them out in their own hand writing.

    This is great advice, because it slows you down and forces you to think about the copy a lot longer than the time it takes to just read it.

    It also makes the copy enter your eyeballs… pass through your brain… and come out your hand which trains you to know what it is like to write powerful copy.

    Now there is another FOOLISH REASON people search for Gary Halbert ads which is because they…


Foolishly Think They Can Write A Gary Halbert Ad
Just Because They’ve Read One

     Listen Buckwheat… if you’ve been paying any attention to Gary Halbert’s wisdom, you know from newsletters there is a lot going on in his copy that isn’t apparent to the naked eye.

    They are so intricate yet invisible we get loads of calls from people guessing at what the active hidden persuaders are in his copy.

    Now I will admit… it’s better to have a Gary Halbert ad without getting all the details than to not be able to study his copy at all.

    But, all that has changed… because a little while back… Bond and I came to the conclusion that there was ONLY ONE REASON to keep people in the dark about what our father taught us.

    To explain that reason, please allow me to swerve off topic here for a quick second.

    Gary Halbert had a crazy obsession with marketing and copywriting. He was not forced to think about marketing as part of a regular job so you must understand…



    There were no special times set aside to think about anything else.

    He had no set time for turning it on and off

    Bond , myself… and anyone else who lived in his world, was forced to drive Gary around…



[ca_audio url=”″ width=”500″ height=”27″ css_class=”codeart-google-mp3-player”]

Click Play to hear a candid conversation of me and Jay Abraham talking about my father


    This was so he could focus on his passion. Often the drive was very quiet. You could look over at him and see the wheels spinning around in his head. And… a massive amount of the conversations in the car… anytime day or night… whether you were driving to the movies or the book store, was reserved for talking about killer offers, copywriting, hooks and the big idea.

    The point I’m trying to make is… one of the reasons Gary Halbert was so great at what he did was because… he loved copywriting which… many pedestrians would consider to be a very dry subject.

    His copy was so thought out, no brief overview could show how every word was weighed against others and every sentence earned it’s place.

    The bigger point I’m making is this…

    Those who hope to write like Gary Halbert, are going to have to get deep down into the details and reasons why he wrote what he wrote, why he chose one word over others, if they are ever going to stand a chance of translating Gary Halbert’s genius into their copy.

    In the last video ad breakdown of our father’s copy, we took a little over two hours to completely explain everything going through Gary Halbert’s head as he wrote the sales letter!


That was just a one-page letter!

    I’m not talking about a full page ad in a newspaper. I’m talking about one page, as in a single sided and typed… ONE-PAGE LETTER.

    But, that letter took over 18 months to perfect.

    Now get this…

    The ad breakdown we did before the Coat of Arms Letter was a full page newspaper ad for marketing legend Jay Abraham. And that breakdown took over five hours!

    But that’s nothing…

    Our latest ad breakdown… another full page ad… took over eight hours… (to be honest it’s more like nine).

    This fact gets two reactions…

    You are either thinking… ’Oh shit… this thing is over 8 hours long.’

    Or… you’re thinking…

    ‘Awesome! This thing is over 8 hours long!’

    Why is it over eight hours long?

    The short answer is…

Because that’s what it took to do it right.

    The long answer is…

    Gary Halbert ad’s are very unique from not just the rest of the world’s copy but his ads and letters are very different from each other

    For example in our latest breakdown we cover an ad which is VERY UNIQUE compared to all of his other work.


    In this promotion we have…

a celebrity…

A scientist…

Three doctors…

A manufacturer…

and testimonials…


Each Part Was Written In A Very Different Voice

    All of them working together to sell the reader from all different angles. And there are brilliant introductions… as each character passes the baton to the next as he brings them to stage.

    Not only that…

    On this occasion, he wrote and integrated a press release right into the copy!

    And there is some seriously clever formatting going on in all of these cases… for the characters, the scientific data, the testimonials, and the press release… all used to create a tremendous amount of trust and credibility.

    In fact, there is a whole lot going on in this ad which has never been covered before… anywhere.

    So, if you come along with us… in this breakdown you’ll unearth a ton of nuances to help your ads go from lackluster to brilliant… and as you delve deeper into the copy, you will learn all of the following:

How to get the reader to immediately associate your product with their happiness.


Ordering your authorities for maximum impact


Secrets of the 4 way guarantee


How to subliminally associate one simple action with the deepest benefits your prospect desires – that gets them to happily buy


How to write complete sentences, but incomplete thoughts…


Give the reader the illusion of choice – use this, and you win either way.


Discover when, where and how often to bring the “ultimate” benefit into play

3 Ways to get the testimonials you want!


Underground tactics for fleshing out buyer objections before ever writing a word of copy… Subliminal tour de force…


How to ensure the copy does NOT sound like an ad…until it’s too late


The right time to introduce the name of the product, and what YOU must do once you have…


How to “re-write” testimonials and still play by the FTC rules


Several methods to get your prospects to keep reading more…


How to practically take over your reader’s thoughts and actions…sales come much easier using this one secret


A meaningless term which will massively increases your reader’s security


Gary’s method for tweaking a weak testimonial and greatly benefit the ad.


Hidden “calls to action”


Using “micro descriptions” adding vital elements to your copy


The picture trick which slides the reader into action


See how to pepper copy with ideas to drive desire (seldom, if ever, talked about copywriting technique)


Three ways to make testimonials more powerful


The connotation test for better word choice.


Ways to get testimonials you want and need — legally and ethically


Who men and women prefer to look at (important when using pictures)


How to gain credibility with a very unique tactic which is hardly ever used


When to switch tone, to add believability and credibility to your copy


Gary’s way to tap into the fads and concerns of the times to grab even more attention…


Believability enhancement techniques…


How Gary … answered questions in the reader’s mind before they ever asked


Powerful punctuation tactic to nearly force the reader to continue reading.


How and why to use “puffery”


THE top questions your readers are asking themselves… that you need to know the answers to… when they are reading your promotion


How to turn even a “bad” testimonial into a great testimonial


Why (and how) to “reverse edit” a testimonial …and you can use many of these tactics to empower today’s latest trend: sales videos… Amazing “motivational” secrets…


Gary’s special guarantee which helps readers decide to buy


Sign off secrets to make sure your reader buys…


How to build a connection to the reader without using the word “you”


The 33% difference — how to state your price


A very unique P.S. technique that ramps up the writer’s credibility


How to make readers feel safe picking up the phone and ordering


When to and when not to use a middle initial or full name to add power.


Guarantees that actually discourage buyers from using products…


How to use technical jargon for credentials and not lose attention


How to keep your readers glued to the page and moving briskly through you copy…


How to choose testimonials to sway all types of readers


If you think you should always use “you”, see how Gary breaks this rule, and why


What buyers of weight loss products really NEED to hear in order to buy.


The artful use of name dropping that significantly adds to credibility.


The “must have” post scripts (P.S.’s) – that appeal to the most readers likely to buy…


How to leave nothing to chance when the reader is ready to buy…


Something missing in your copy? You’ll see how to… borrow “authority” and pass the reader’s “sniff test”


A specific formatting tactic which adds credibility


How to give your reader reasons to believe (they want to, this technique pushes them over the edge)


How and why you MUST use logic to “seal the deal”


Gary’s Specialized language tactics …


When qualifying words like “almost”, “nearly” and similar words actually improve copy? Yes they can and you’ll find out how and why!


How to artfully use repetition — and say the same thing 3 times in a row so smoothly the reader barely notices — but definitely leaves an impact


Formatting tricks that really grab attention


Gary’s testing and tracking techniques…to ramp up your best campaigns


Which words best strike your prospect’s emotional chords getting them to buy


How to use different tones in one promotion for maximum impact…


3 better ways of introducing testimonials into your body copy without using that exact word…testimonial


Using commas for conversational tone


How the art of “not saying” something can be more powerful than being explicit


How to transition copy…


What to call that tracking number so your prospects will be sure to use it…


When to suggest the idea of continuity to get more more sales from the same number of buyers


The secret of the right location — advantages and benefits that stimulate imagination and engage your reader


How to use the 3 principle powers of pictures to get your reader truly involved


How to format pictures for maximum effect on sales- why it’s vitally important — this takes the guesswork out!


The art of promising, yet gently delaying them… Building the bulk of copy… and making your case


“Dimensionalizing” — to stimulate your reader’s imagination for fun and profit…


See how Gary fuels the desires for instant gratification with the product’s promised benefits


Special hidden bonus … Kevin’s cool tactic for getting video into an email


    As you can tell… there is so much going on in this one ad which makes this breakdown a treasure trove of techniques which can take your copywriting to the next level.

    But we know,for the general public… this video breakdown… as our father always used to say… will be…


Casting Pearls Before Swine”

    I’m not talking about you.

    You wouldn’t still be reading this if you didn’t desire more Gary Halbert secrets.

    Facebook or the phone would have called you away a long time ago.

    When I say pearls before swine… I’m talking about people who have very little creative imagination and no concept of the power we are about to offer copywriters.

    Now before you wonder what you can learn from a diet ad just ask yourself…

Could your copywriting… no matter what you are selling…become a lot more powerful if Gary Halbert taught you…

    How to take over your reader’s thoughts and actions like a televangelist.

    Again… the bottom line is… this is in-depth training… and… it’s gonna takes as long as it takes…

    You get it all. No drive-by outlines here. Bond and I are giving you a complete and thorough breakdown.

    Sure we could shorten it. But that would just be dumbing it down?

    Listen, there is going to be basics in here that overlap with what you’ve already heard somewhere before but… I promise you, there will be plenty of eye-openers and this breakdown will teach you every last unique tactic and strategy Gary Halbert brought to bear in this particular ad.

    What makes this breakdown better than others?

    Because the self-professed “gurus”’ don’t look anywhere beyond the common marketing strategies taught by everybody and their brother.

    All people are able to point out is AIDA principles, calls to action and things like scarcity, bla… bla bla. Yes we point those out too… but we go WAY beyond that…we give you EVERYTHING!

    And that’s why people keep coming back for more… and trust me… they wouldn’t be buying them up if we were just talking about the same old stuff each time.

    Bond and I love to see the look on a professional copywriter’s face when we reveal in person, the hidden seduction at work in our father’s copy… that was just sitting there… stuff they missed even after hand-writing the ad out several times.

    We get to see that “ah ha” moment enter their eyes… when it dawns on them there is a lot they didn’t see… after they thought they knew everything… when we’ve instantly transported them from just a player down on the field to up inside the Sky Box.

    It’s a turning point when they no longer look at us as just Gary Halbert’s kids and realize as John Carlton puts it “they have the Gary Halbert Mojo.” It makes us proud of our father and the profound effect he’s made on the current and the next generation of marketers.




    Kevin Halbert

P.S.   Gary broke all the rules with this one…From writing in multiple voices and integrating a press release, to using a VERY unconventional PS. And… his instincts were right on the money… because the marketer he wrote this monster hit for, made millions and millions of dollars… enough to buy a senior league baseball team.

Who knows…


Just perhaps… there’s a nugget or two inside those eight hours that might bump up your response by just a smidgen.