Gary Halbert Coat-of-Arms Video (Part 2B)

Finally revealed…

The Secret Psychology Behind One Of The
Most Widely Mailed Sales Letters In History
Even Today’s Best Copywriters Don’t See!


Los Angeles, CA- The year was 1971 and a young Gary Halbert was literally struggling to keep the lights on when he tossed out all the rules, went for broke and made history with his now famous “Coat of Arms letter.”
This innocent looking 381 word letter sparked not just an empire, but a whole industry of selling coats of arms and reports about family names.

For many years this classic copywriting masterpiece held the record as the most widely mailed sales letter in history.

It may even still hold the record today

Nobody can be 100% sure. But, we do know the success of this one sales letter catapulted Gary Halbert to the very top of the copywriting world, where he continued to write winning ads and sales letters one after another, using the innovative techniques he developed specifically for this letter.

Well now you can learn the hidden meaning behind every line of this crown jewel of copywriting and put these powerful tactics to work in your own marketing.

The company this letter built was called Halberts Inc. and was sold for close to $90,000,000.00 million dollars back in the 1990’s. You can just imagine the money this one little letter generated over decades of successful mailings.

Although short, every word of this simple letter packs not just a punch but a wallop.

In our latest creation, Kevin and I go through this power house letter in the kind of detail Sir Gary never did, So, I promise you will be hearing a lot of …

Gary Halbert Lessons Nobody Has Ever Heard Before!

  In fact, there are lessons we explain which…

No Copywriter Would Ever Pick Up On
Without Knowing The Back Story!

We drill down deeper into the psychology than our legendary father ever did because we put in more time explaining it than he ever did in any one sitting. But, make no mistake..

Absolutely ALL of these lessons are straight out of Gary Halbert’s master playbook and nobody knows that playbook better than we do.

Whether you just miss fresh Gary Halbert lessons or want to write killer copy that puts money in your pockets and builds businesses, this is great stuff because we are providing all the secrets to one of the best sales letters in history and with a knowledge only we have and much of this has never been shared before.
You will learn…

  • How to format your sales Letters
  • The 3 big secrets to the success of this money making monster
  • A simple way to build incredible trust
  • What NOT to say in your sales pitch to excite readers
  • How to “frame” your products in the right light driving people to buy
  • Secrets behind this most effective close
  • How to build pressure and force people to make a decision
  • 7 words which can double your sales
  • Secret way to personalize a letter way beyond using the reader’s name
  • How to work the readers up into a frenzy over your offer
  • Addressing letters for maximum effect
  • How to begin your letters and get off to a great start


There are so many valuable lessons in this one package, it should cost well over $1,000 but we always give our subscribers a special introductory offer which is guaranteed to be the best deal you can get.

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