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Gary Halbert Copywriting Course

Episode 1 (below)

Below is my stage presentation of the "Dear mom" exercise... it is almost verbatim to the one Gary gave. I have added it here so you can see the emotional impact it has on the audience as they are writing it. You will hear all the groans and gasps and laughter... some people got so emotional that they put their pens down and refused to write anymore. .. Enjoy!

Envelope (create two)

------------------------------------------------------------Affix Stamp Here ---------> (Your Name) Sol Miami Beach Hotel <------- This is called a “Corner Card” 3925 Collins Avenue. Miami Beach, Florida 33140 Friday 4-19-1996 10:20 AM

(Put Your mother's name here) c/o (your name) (your address) (city, state, zip)


Dear Mom Letter (nice)

Dear Mom, (or special name you call your mother)I’m very busy right now and I don’t have time to call so that’s why I’m writing you this letter.You know, mom not only are you responsible for my very existence you are also the nourishment that has made my life sparkle. I’m under a lot of stress right now and, for some reason, I started thinking about you. And it has occurred to me maybe I haven’t let you know recently how much I appreciate you and how much I love you.I especially like remembering you (add fond memory of your mother). Anyway, I’m going to make it a point to see you just as soon as I can.-----------------------------------------------------------Love,-----------------------------------------------(Sign Your name, or pet name)

Dear Mom (mean)

Dear “Mom”:If I weren’t such a long way from home, I probably wouldn’t have the guts to tell you this. But, the following has been true ever since I was born. You have made my life a living hell. Every person I know has a mother that is superior to you in every positive way imaginable.You are nothing more than a wrinkled up old bitch and, as far as I’m concerned, the biggest waste of skin God ever created. Speaking of God, as the Lord knows, you’re certainly not too mentally swift either. So, just in case your low I.Q. keeps you from understanding what I am trying to say, let me make it perfectly clear...

Eat Shit And Die!

Please don’t call or write me. I have no inclination whatsoever to communicate with you ever again. --------------------------------------Reluctantly your son or daughter, --------------------------------------------------(Sign Your Name) P.S. dad sucks too.   Thomas Hall Mail Order Fortune Thomas Hall Mail Order Fortune  

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Exercise #2

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Gary Halbert Personal Ad Swipe


Leo-Costa-Swipe-ThumbnailLeo Costa Swipe - body building

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Thomas Hall Diet Letter

Thomas Hall Diet Letter Composit

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Rolls Royce Letter

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