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Kevin Halbert here…

This is a comment someone left us when they unsubscribed from our email list on May 5th.

“I was hoping for more product offers of Gary Halbert’s seminars and books.
They sell for hundreds of dollars on ebay, and yet you never offer any directly.”

People have been asking us this forever, and now it’s finally GETTING done… Maybe.

This comment has spurred us into action… to go into the vault and pull out something very special!

But we don’t know if the rest of the world will treasure it like we do.

We’ve  decided it’s time to consider sharing one of the greatest copywriting seminars Gary Halbert ever gave.

But I must warn you there are certain conditions you must agree to, in order to get access to this content… so, READ ALL OF THIS LETTER!

First off you are probably asking yourself, why we waited so long to do this? Especially when everyone has been so long in the tooth to get access to the secrets revealed in these videos… the very same content that others have previously paid over $2,700 get their hands on?

Well, whether you agree with us or not, there are several very good reasons its taken us over 6 years to consider sharing this content with you.

For starters the production quality of the videos is the worst I’ve ever seen.

These are the once lost videos the producer tried to steal, forcing our dad to sue him in order to get them back.

My suspicion is that the producer handed over inferior masters of this (once in a lifetime) event out of spite for losing his court battle.

Not only does the production quality suck… but also two of the videos from the seminar are lost forever.

Fortunately, the good news is we still have the audio of those missing videos.

Also in the spirit of our father’s (motion over meditation) we are willing to get these out to you sooner than later… but we don’t know what seminar handouts he gave to the attendees. If/when we figure that out we will share them with you. I do know that you don’t need the handouts… though valuable… they are only supplementary.

On to the next reason.

Then there is the well known fact that Gary Halbert has no filter, so there is some very politically incorrect content in these recordings. But because the frank language in the Boron letters (that we recently  released on Kindle) didn’t cause a lot of backlash, it makes us think these seminar tapes will be ok to share with you.

So, hopefully you can understand, even if you don’t agree, why we weren’t quick to release a set of low production quality, incomplete and politically incorrect seminar recordings.

I just simply didn’t want to deal with petty whiners who were expecting to watch a well mannered Spielberg production.

But, if you can get past the videos quality issues and a lot of frank language, you will quickly realize this a very special seminar. Because Gary explains things in these recordings that he just didn’t say anywhere else… stuff you won’t hear from anyone else.

I’m going to let you in on a little known fact… Most of Gary Halbert’s presentations and events didn’t teach copywriting… think about it… if you’ve ever seen one… you’ll quickly realize… he spent all of his time teaching marketing strategies… NOT COPYWRITING.

Not The Crafting Of Words Onto Paper

That’s why this seminar is so very special… because it’s not a seminar at all… no sir… this is a Copywriting Workshop.

He writes out a complete full page ad for one of the lucky attendees he picks out of the audience. And you will see people in the audience who went on to be very successful marketers and copywriters.

In this video he details step-by-step what he is writing and why.

And he reveals a whole lot more in this three day event that no one even expected.

Ok, so here’s the deal…

Bond and I have some really big projects coming out in the next few weeks, and if you follow us you will soon see this is actually true. The point is, we honestly have a pretty full schedule. And getting these recordings shaped up for public consumption is going to be a giant pain in the ass… it took me over 5 hours to improve the quality of  just the first hour of the video. And it is going to take a considerable amount of time to get through almost 20 hours of video, And yet they still will never be perfect.

So instead of making you wait until when and if I get around to getting all the videos done,  we are willing to give you access to them as they come out of the oven. We’ll be releasing about 40 minutes to 1 hour of this seminar each week until were done.

We figure this will take the pressure off, and help keep me sane.

It will also keep me motivated to get this project done by committing me to a regular deadline, while at the same time giving you access to some REALLY VALUABLE CONTENT YOU WON’T FIND ANYWHERE.

Everyone paid over $2,700 to attend this event, and they we’re blow away, as you will soon see by the video testimonials they gave (you can watch them at the bottom of the this page).

And despite the quality…  the recordings also sold for the exact same price (the information revealed in them is that good).

This is your chance to get access to this game changing information for just $29.77/week.

And get this… when you subscribe to this amazing content… and if you stick with us to the end… and don’t abuse the privilege of having private access to this product… for $1 extra…it will be available to you for life!

So, to recap…

This is the deal you understand going in…

  • The production quality sucks (bad video… bad audio), but I have improved them a lot, as you will see in the testimonial video below
  • No handouts… (possibly we will be able to get them out to you in the future)
  • Politically incorrect language
  • Audio only in some sections

I should also tell you. This content will be online only… so please don’t write me saying something like…

Kevin, my submarine doesn’t get Wi-fi and I really want to enjoy your father’s content while searching for sunken Spanish galleons. So can you please tell me how to download these videos for offline use.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one of the biggest conditions…. And I don’t mean to come off as being difficult…. really and truly I don’t.

And it most likely won’t come to this…

But, you might think this project is simpler than it is, but I assure you this is a big endeavor. And it might be that spending time with Jay Abraham has been rubbing off on me… but that’s the reason why we are going to test out everyone’s interest in this project in small steps before we invest all our time before hand… possibly committing us to a project where there is very little interest or  a lot of whiners.  So… within the first week or two… we reserve the right to cancel the project and refund all your money.

We are testing the waters for this project. And we know what lip service is worth… so, that is why we are asking you to vote with your wallet. So we can gauge everyone’s REAL level of interest in us releasing more Gary Halbert products. Just remember this, you risk nothing. If the project doesn’t go forward… we’ll pack the content back on to the shelf… and you’ll you get all your money back. Plus you’ll have gotten free access to an hour or two of Gary Halbert content.

You really can’t lose unless you don’t value what Gary Halbert has to say.

Thinking about this project has got me really excited and I really hope it takes off.

And no matter what…

You always have our iron-clad no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.

So, if you think there is even a chance the genius of Gary Halbert could make a powerful impact you ability to write more profitable copy,  then get in on this today!

Check Out These Testimonials Given By
The People Who Paid Over $2,700 To
Attend This Event

-Kevin Halbert

P.S. Bond and I will be working on adding as much additional value and updates to this content as possible. So if this project goes well, and honestly I think it will, we will be treating the program like a living document where we will be adding supplemental content anytime we find it relevant and complimentary to the program.

P.P.S. If this goes over well… this could be just the beginning of the release of a flood of Gary Halbert content and products. So let’s hope this offer is valued by a lot of people.

Video #1 is ready!

So get your pen a paper out… exercise #1 starts right now!

UPDATE: The Gary Halbert Seminar was a huge success…Thank you everyone for staying till the very end. And for all your compliments about Gary’s brilliant insights. We now promise to bring you more Gary Halbert content in the future.The Gary Halbert Copywriting Course Is Now Complete… No subscription nessesarry! You can gain access to all of it instantly… and for now… the price is just $597.

NOW Get INSTANT access to the ENTIRE  course a $2,700 value!

Now just $597.00
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Gary Halbert Copywriting Seminar Product JVZ

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