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The Down and Dirty Deal…

Ever since Bond and I attended the Action Seminar… and the updated version of The Boron Letters hit #1 on Kindle… we have been swamped.

We are now getting requests to speak at events, invitations to high-level masterminds and we are super busy working on a special marketing campaign so…. we really need to finish a lot of projects at high speed.

One of the many products we have decided to pump out immediately is the release of the recordings of.


A Very Rare 3-Day Gary Halbert Seminar
Just On Copywriting!!!


If you’ve seen a lot of Gary Halbert content… you’ll quickly realize… most of Gary Halbert’s presentations and events didn’t actually discuss copywriting … he spent most of his time explaining marketing strategy….. But… this event was different…

It’s not a seminar at all… no sir… this is a Copywriting Workshop with about 30 people.

At one point the video shows Gary HalbertEXPLAINING EVERYTHING he is thinking as he writes a complete full-page ad for one of the lucky attendees picked from the audience.

And, if you pay attention to the audience You’ll recognize a few of today’s experts in the audience.

Now that is the good part so let me tell you why we haven’t released these yet…


These are the once lost videos the producer tried to steal, forcing our dad to sue him in order to get the recordings back.

My suspicion is the producer handed over inferior masters of this (once in a lifetime) event out of spite for losing his court battle.

Anyway, getting these recordings shaped up for public consumption is “a giant pain in the ass… it took me over 5 hours to improve the quality of just the first hour”

So it’s going to take a considerable amount of time to get through almost 20 hours of video, And they still won’t be imperfect..

Not only does the production quality suck… but two of the videos from the seminar are lost forever. But I FOUND THE LOST AUDIO!

The only other issue is the well-known fact that Gary Halbert has no filter. There is some very politically incorrect content in these recordings. But because the frank language in the Boron letters (recently released on Kindle) didn’t cause a lot of backlash, it makes us think these seminar tapes will be ok to share with you.

So you can see why we weren’t quick to release politically incorrect recordings without fancy sets and high end audio.

Who wants to deal with petty whiners expecting to watch a well-mannered Spielberg production.

But, if you can get past the videos quality issues and a lot of frank language, you will quickly realize this a very special seminar. Because at this event… Gary explains things he just didn’t say anywhere else… stuff you won’t hear from anyone else.

Remember, despite the quality… these rare recordings sold for the exact same price as the $2,700 event (they are that good!)

So here is our down and dirty deal:

Instead of waiting until I get all the videos done, and then charging double, we are willing to give you access to them as they come out of the oven.

We’ll be releasing about 40 minutes to 1 hour episodes each week until we have the whole package cleaned up as best we can.

This is what we call a “down and dirty deal” or a “lumps and all” special which favors you.

You see, this way… you get to peek at what’s inside for less than the price of lunch and I get the time to upload the best media from the whole event one chunk at a time.

This also gives us a chance to make short videos updating the lessons and showing you exactly how to adapt all the tactics for new media.

But…I must warn everyone:

Enhancing and editing this classic content is a big endeavor. It might be because of the time I’ve spent with Jay Abraham lately, that he is beginning to rub off on me… but…. we’re gauging everyone’s interest in this project in small steps before we invest all our time… possibly committing to a project where there is very little interest or a lot of whiners.

So… within the first week or two… we reserve the right to cancel the project and refund ALL your money..

We are testing the waters for this project.
You risk nothing! if the project doesn’t go forward… we’ll pack the content back on to the shelf… and you’ll you get all your money back. Plus… you’ll have gotten free access to an hour or two of Gary Halbert content.

I should also tell you. This content will only be available online… please don’t write me saying something like…Kevin, my submarine doesn’t get Wi-fi and I really want to enjoy your father’s content while searching for sunken Spanish galleons. So can you please tell me how to download these videos for offline use?

Of course you always have our iron-clad no questions asked 100% money back guarantee!

At any time, if you no longer enjoy the recordings, we will cancel the program and refund the last episode you were sent. But I think you will love this material as much as we do.

And get this… when you subscribe to this amazing content…
and stick with us to the end… and don’t abuse your private access privileges… for $1 extra…it will be available to you for life!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Video #1 is ready!

So get your pen a paper out… exercise #1 starts right now!

Introductory Offer Ends Midnight Tuesday May 30th

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And Remember We Take Out All The Risk
All Our Products Come With Our Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee


Kevin Halbert
The Prince’s Prince of Print
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PS By the way…the price for this content is only being offered to our in house list. So if this program turns out to be a winner, guess which way the price is going to go if we decide to take on affiliates.

PPS The testimonial video above is a fair representation of the improved video quality throughout the program. It also shows Joe Polish with long hair!.

[UPDATE} We found what looks like our dad’s swipe file with dozens upon dozens of sales letter and promotions he deemed masterpieces. These are part of the handouts which came with this seminar. You can look forward to a couple winning promotions with each episode but in the meantime everyone is invited to enjoy this classic sales letter by marketing legend Thomas Hall.

Free Swipe
(Thomas Hall)