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“If You Would Like To Know How The Best
Marketers And Business Minds Make More Money
Than The Average Person...
Then This Will Be The
Most Interesting Letter You Will Ever Read…
Because They Have All Come Together To Share
With You Exactly How They Do It”

Here’s why.

Dear Friend,

If you are ready to leave all the B.S. behind and get serious about making real money online, from the comfort of your home, this may well be the most important few minutes of your life.

You are about to see how to build and grow a multi-million dollar business that is sustainable, scalable, and is built on rock-solid billion dollar business growth principles gained through the blood, sweat, and tears of some of the best marketing minds who ever lived.

If you own a business, or are involved in the writing or development of marketing materials that absolutely must bring home the bacon and add dollars to the bottom line…

Or want to become a high-paid copywriter or create your own successful online business. This is definitely for you!

Because you are about to go on a journey of discovery that will open your eyes to the copywriting and sales marketing super-powers of the best of the best. Things that until now have been kept locked away as the secret weapons of marketing’s elite.

You are going to hear the eye-opening, jaw-dropping, and sometimes gut-wrenching truths about how the biggest companies and the most successful entrepreneurs on Earth make this look so easy while others struggle just to stay afloat.

Sit back and settle in, my friend, because within this one letter are the secrets that have been used to acquire untold wealth and have made people rich beyond the dreams of avarice.

By the time you are finished reading this, your head will be exploding with possibility. Flooded with ideas. Overflowing with breakthrough, actionable real-world strategies that you will be champing at the bit to implement immediately.

And you will know you have finally found the missing links that have been holding you back all these years.
  • You are going to learn tested and proven methods for growing your business in ways no one has likely ever shared with you before.
  • How to write advertising copy that converts at a level that makes you an unstoppable force in any niche, any industry.
  • How to weave your story and your business into your prospects’ lives in a way that makes them a customer for life.
  • How to find, nurture, and grow prospects that are as passionate about what you sell as you are.
  • How to know the precise moment to ask for the sale and how to ask for it in a way that makes more money by spending less.
  • How to speak to your prospects in way that builds on their hopes, dreams, fears, and problems and that makes you the lifelong friend and ally the have been searching for.
  • How to drive hordes of hungry targeted traffic to your offers at the lowest possible cost.
  • How to use the power of persuasion to get almost anything you want in life.
I want to start by saying this right up front, and I want you to really think about it. There is only one Internet.

We all use it daily, and if you are reading this you either use it to make money and want to make more, or maybe you hope to start using it to make money.

Many have tried, struggled, and failed while others have made hundreds of millions of dollars with it.

Same Internet. Very different results.

We also all use words every day. Yet for some they are just that. Words.

For others, those who have made fortunes, they are a tool that brings them riches, fame and success.

In this case, different words, but still just words. Very different results.

So understand this. No one has any advantage over you except for knowledge. Knowledge of how to use these two things to get what you want.

Today you are going to get that knowledge.

So if you want to learn the secrets others have used to make a fortune in business, particularly in online businesses, this will definitely be the most important letter you will ever read. So please take this very seriously.

Because today, you are finally going learn the techniques, strategies and methods that could help you make an absolute fortune in any niche, in any business, and it is a level playing field starting right now.

You Have Just As Much Of A Chance Of Getting Rich From What You Are About To Discover As Anyone Else Reading This.

This should probably have been titled how to get anything you want, from anyone you want, any time you want.

Because by the time you are finished reading this you will know you are going to learn some secrets, which I promise you don’t know right now, that really are that powerful.

Not from me. I am not that smart. I wish I was. The truth is it has taken a brain trust the likes of which has never been assembled in one place to bring about this game-changing knowledge.
  • You are about to step into the room with some of the brightest, most successful business minds, marketers and advertising copywriters on Earth. So you learn the shortcuts that could help you skip the years of hard work and the expense they incurred gaining this priceless knowledge.
  • You are about to get all of the knowledge learned through many years, at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars and the blood, sweat, and tears of some of the best marketers who have ever lived handed to you on a silver platter. So you can slice your learning curve to a fraction of the time it would take you to learn this on your own.
  • You will get the key that unlocks the power of persuasion and the wisdom of how to use it to get almost everything you want. You won’t believe how much easier making money can be once you understand these powerful and little known secrets.

For The First Time In History, Several Of The Most Successful Business Minds Of Our Time Pull Back The Curtain To Reveal The Real Secrets Behind Making Money Online.

  • If you have a dream about one day having a sustainable, scalable business capable of supporting you in a very comfortable fashion...
  • Or if your dream is turning the business you currently have into an empire and becoming wealthy.
  • Of being the captain of your own destiny and enjoying the prestige, freedom, and power that comes with successful entrepreneurship.

Then I don’t think you could be in a better place at a better time.

Here’s why I say that…

Never before has all of this vital information from some of the most successful people in marketing been shared. This is not another make money online course or a promise of easy riches. This, my friend, is real. These are the secrets behind how just a single letter built a business that eventually sold for Ninety Million Dollars!

How people have started from scratch and built huge online businesses that have made them wealthy.

This is about achieving the dream. Grabbing the golden ticket.

But let’s be straight with each other starting right now. If you are looking for plug-and-play, make-money-while-you-sleep software, this is definitely not that.

If On The Other Hand You Want The Truth About How Business Empires Are Built, Scaled, And Sustained Over The Long Haul, This Is Definitely For You.

If you currently have an online business, a brick and mortar business, are a copywriter who writes sales materials, or have just wondered how and why some people make fortunes while others fail miserably trying to market products and services, this is going to be one eye-opening experience.

You would have to spend millions of dollars and it would take years to get the information being made available to you here today.

That’s because that is what it has taken in testing, trial and error, and hard work to bring you this. It is the culmination years of experience by some of the best people in business and marketing.

Never before to our knowledge has a group of people this talented been brought together to share their secrets for success.

Here’s the big problem with almost everything that has come before this…

The Internet Has Become The Garbage Dump Of Knowledge.

While there is some very good knowledge out there, and some very smart, ethical, moral, and downright brilliant people sharing what they know…

There is also a massive wasteland of B.S. artists, idiots, scoundrels, con artists, and just uninformed and uneducated experts in just about any and every field imaginable.

While it is true you can find good information online, it is a lot easier to find misinformation… And how do you tell the difference?
  • How do you know what works and what doesn’t? If you already knew, and could tell the difference, you wouldn’t be looking in the first place.
  • How do you know who to believe?
That’s why this is so important and had to happen.

The time has come for the best people in marketing to tell you the truth about this. To show you step by step what works and what doesn’t.

To explain the things you need to know in order to be successful and then show you step by step how to implement them.

This is important:

The truth is that if you are just starting out in this, you probably don’t know where to even start. Most people don’t. So they never really get started. The surest path to failure is failing to even start. Staying stuck at the starting gate.

How To Build A 90 Million Dollar Business With One Letter!

Let me tell you little story I think you will enjoy…

Way back in the 1971, long before the Internet, someone was sitting at the kitchen table trying to figure out how to keep the lights on and feed his family.

One day he decided to go for broke. To go after his dreams with an idea everyone thought him crazy for even considering.

He sat down and wrote exactly 381 words on a piece of paper.

Those words sparked an entire industry and have gone on to become what is widely thought to be the most mailed letter in direct mail history.

Who Was Gary C. Halbert?

He was almost unknown outside the marketing world (except for some of his work with famous Hollywood celebrities, such as Ernest and Tova Borgnine)... but... he was the “Elvis Presley” of the direct response marketing and copywriting world.

In fact, you still see his influence everywhere people are making money in direct response.

In his twenties, Gary Halbert worked small Midwest towns as a traveling door-to-door encyclopedia salesman... before... working as a salesman with Pitney-Bowes and Standard Oil of Ohio. While working at Standard Oil, he became very interested—actually, obsessed—with direct mail.

After struggling through a few failed tests following “The Rules” of the then current-day “experts,” out of necessity, Gary invented “Gun-To-The-Head-Marketing”... and... used it to write what would become the most widely mailed sales letter in history.

A letter which had not only the distinction of being mailed close to 1 Billion times… but also… of being…

Mailed To Almost Every Household In America Nearly 7 Times!

The company this letter built was called Halberts Inc. and was sold for close to $90,000,000.00 (ninety million dollars) back in the 1990s.

You can just imagine the money this one little letter generated over decades of successful mailings.

That truly launched the “Legend of Gary Halbert”... and then... he cemented it by continuing to defy the “experts” and industry norms to smash sales record after sales record with his many seminal breakthrough ideas and his cleverly-crafted copy!

Gary Halbert’s now famous Coat of Arms letter was just the first of many highly successful direct mail letters and ads this marketing genius penned.

Halbert wrote record-smashing newspaper ads, magazine ads, web copy, direct mail pieces, infomercials, phone scripts, and just about anything and everything where words are used to sell.

Even more impressively, Gary wrote record-breaking advertisements in more categories than any other copywriter in recent memory.

He wrote winning promotions in finance, cosmetics, diet, real estate, self-help, marketing, collectibles, genealogy, chiropractic, dentistry, water filtration, and more. The list goes on and on... but… all those accomplishments are still not his greatest contribution to the world of marketing and copywriting.

After racking up so many winners, selling so many different types of goods and services, in so many different types of media, Gary decided to create the first newsletter to dish out real-world advice from one of the best marketers and copywriters on Earth.

And, he titled it (cleverly enough)...

He launched the very first issue in the go-go 80s (September 1, 1986, to be exact).

Back then, a one-year subscription cost $195.00 (which was unheard of at the time).

However, in 2001 in an effort to give back for all his good fortune, he took his (by then) world-famous newsletter online and began giving away the best marketing and copywriting advice for free.

Soon, all the pros started copying his headlines, bullets, closing copy, offers... and now... to this day, you see his words being used in sales copy everywhere.

In fact, the beginning of Gary’s famous dollar-bill letters is almost certainly the most replicated piece of opening sales copy in the world of direct-mail. Even after he passed away, TheGaryHalbertLetter.com has enjoyed a huge following and is more popular than ever for a reason. And that reason is...

They Are Addictive!

Gary Halbert’s mark is everywhere because so many marketers around the world learned part of their craft directly from Mr. Halbert... or... they learned the business from mentors who learned their best secrets from Gary.

This is why so many of today’s top direct marketers refer to Gary as the original “Copywriting Guru”... or even...

The Guru To The Gurus!

Top ad writer Paris Lampropoulos may have put it best when he said...

"In the world of copywriting, all roads lead back to Gary Halbert."

No one can even count the millions, maybe more like billions, generated by not only the copywriting genius of this man, but his vast and cutting-edge knowledge of marketing.

Widely regarded the best copywriter who ever lived, he made people fortunes with every piece of ad copy he touched.

What many don’t know however is that copywriting was just part of the secrets he used to amass great wealth pretty much at will.

Gary Halbert Knew Things About Making Money That Could Fill A Volume Of Encyclopedias.

Unfortunately Gary passed away before he could share all of the amazing breakthrough knowledge he possessed with the world. And that could easily be the end of the story.

But fortunately for you and me, it is not.

I’ll tell you why that is in a minute, but first let me ask you something…

What if you could learn how to easily get as many people as you want, to give you as much money as you ask for, any time you want?

Would that change your life?

What if you could get as much traffic as you want to your website at a price that pencils out, and then convert those people into buyers and turn a big fat profit in the process? And repeat it over and over.

What if I told you that you are about to learn about something that could make all of that possible?

Keep reading because a wealth of information is about to unfold before you that only a handful of people on Earth know. And they are very wealthy people as you might guess.

The combined knowledge of the people you are about to meet, and who are going to share that knowledge for amassing fortunes with you, is absolutely mind-blowing!
  • How to use Gary Halbert’s starving crowd philosophy, put on steroids, to make sure they are all the most ravenous buyers you could possibly hope for.
  • How to use PPC from the probably the most knowledgeable person on the planet so you cut the head off ad waste and zero-in on making a huge profits every time.
  • How to write sales copy that speaks directly to your prospect’s inner fears and desires and makes buying from you not only the logical solution, but the only solution.
  • How to dive deep into your potential customer’s emotions and learn what it is they really want. I can assure you, it is not what you think.
  • The 5 step process to finding out if a new product has any chance of ever making you money before you ever spend a dime.
  • The irrational thing that really drives the market and how to capitalize on it in a way that puts you miles ahead of your competition.
  • How to get in front of the exact right people, at the right time, every time, with your offer.
  • How to make your prospect feel that they just unearthed the solution they have been seeking all along the minute they see your offer.
  • How to finally use social media the right way so it actually adds dollars to your bottom line.
  • How to open the flood gates and get volumes of traffic to your offers without spending a fortune to do it. You will learn how to not only buy traffic at a fraction of what the uniformed pay but also how to buy the right traffic.

Please allow me to make a couple things quite clear.

This in not just another copywriting course, though it does contain two of the best ones we think has ever been offered anywhere, at any price.

This is about providing you EVERYTHING you need to grow your business and possibly even make your fortune! But nothing is more important than your message.

As you will soon see, nothing is more powerful, and can make you rich faster, than the words you use.

The late Gary Halbert knew how to use words to get people to take action at a level few who came before, or after him, ever achieved.

It was truly remarkable how everything he wrote didn’t just exceed sales expectations but made them explode in a way that defied understanding.

The biggest complaint he heard from his clients was about their ability to fulfill the orders that were flooding in so fast they could not take the customers' money fast enough.

You are about to get access to a rare and little-known three-day seminar where he will share exactly how he did this. That and a treasure trove of moneymaking wisdom that alone could easily be worth many fortunes to you.

You will also learn how to use the power of persuasion in the words you use to communicate, in every medium, in every form of communication you use, to let everyone have YOUR own way!

And that’s just for starters…

We haven’t even scratched the surface of why this may be the most important money-making, business-building, wealth-accumulating, stress-reducing and time-saving marketing course ever offered. Not even close, so keep reading…

At the beginning of this letter I told you that we all used the same Internet, and we all used words, but some make fortunes with them, while others do nothing of any real value.

Let’s go just a bit deeper so you understand that the big dream, the good life, is attainable for anyone. That includes you, by the way. The fact that you are still reading proves you have the one thing you need that I can’t give you today…

The desire to succeed.

That’s all you need to bring to this party. Everything else you need. and I mean EVERYTHING, will be given to you in an easy to understand and implement step by step blueprint. Follow it and it would be hard to fail.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

If all you learned about writing effective copy was what you will learn in what is regarded by many experts as the most important copywriting seminar ever held, it would put you miles ahead of your competition.

Whether your dream is to become a world class A-list copywriter or you just want to be able to look at the copy others write for you to determine if it’s as good as it can be, we have you covered.

Because you are also going to learn some copywriting and marketing secrets that Gary never shared. Well, almost never. By that I mean he never shared them with the world.

But he did share them with two people…

His sons Kevin, and Bond Halbert.

And when I say shared I don’t mean he sat them down one night in front of the fireplace and explained these secrets to them.

I mean he started drilling the stuff that makes fortunes into their heads before they could even walk! He used every opportunity life served up to teach his sons the most valuable marketing lessons anyone could ever hope for.

To put it into perspective, it’s like Gary was this vast computer containing the most profitable marketing knowledge in the universe and the day they were born he started backing his vast files up by downloading them directly into their heads.

It’s interesting how when I hear them, it’s like I am listening to their dad. It’s almost scary.

Anyway, if all of this just ended there, it could be worth millions to you. But wait, there is more. Oh so much more…

We Wanted To Give You An Education In Direct Response Marketing The Likes Of Which Has Never Been Taught Anywhere Before.

And to do that we have pulled out the big guns!

We have compiled a mastermind list of some of the best internet marketers, copywriters, and business minds ever brought together in one place to teach you stuff you just won’t hear anywhere else.

If You Tried To Add Up Combined Billions In Revenue These People Have Generated It Would Make Bill Gates Look Middle Class.

Let me tell you another short story…

There were two gentlemen who both had a burning desire to succeed.

Both of them were smart cookies.

They went to school and worked hard to learn all they could.

Now you may thinking that this is a story you have maybe heard, where one struggled to make ends meet while the other got hold of some secret that I am about to reveal and made a vast fortune.

Nope. Sorry, this isn’t that profound, but it is important.

One of them went to medical school and went on to become a brain surgeon. A fine one at that. He’s the only guy I want cutting into me if they find a tumor the size of a grapefruit in my noggin.

And he is very handsomely rewarded for his ability. Lives in a nice house and drives a Mercedes.

But here’s the thing.

Unless this guy has your scull cracked open and is repairing your gray matter, guess how much he earns? That right. Nada, zip, zero.

Really he is just one of the highest paid hourly employees I know.

The other guy, well I don’t want him even removing even a sliver from my pinky.

But guess what?

He had an idea to sell newsletters online. Financial newsletters. Nothing too brilliant really, just 5 to 10 pages of monthly advice that people pay around fifty bucks a year to receive.

And The Little Online Company He Started From His Kitchen Table Made Him Around 600 Million Dollars Last Year!

You may have guessed already that I am talking about Bill Bonner, the owner of Boardroom.

Now with Bill’s money he really doesn’t need to do anything ever again. He is set for life. Several of them actually.

But guess what he does nearly every single day before he does anything else. He sits down and puts some words to paper.

Why? Because he knows that every time he does, he makes even more money and really, how hard is it to sit on your veranda in Paris and write?

Here’s what I really want you to think about.

What did Bill Bonner have when he started that you don’t.

You have a computer, right? Internet access?

Here’s all it really takes to build and grow any business…
  • A product or service people want, are searching for, and will pay for.
  • A way to tell your story and get traffic to your offers.
  • The ability to convert that traffic into sales.

So why do so few of those who try, ever see any real level of success?

No one who has already spent the time and money to learn what works and what doesn’t, has ever showed them step-by-step how to do this!

Sure, any marketer worth their salt tests to some degree, but what if you could know your promotions' chances of success before you even get to that point?

What if you knew the secrets that almost guarantee success every time?

Here’s the truth of the matter.

Almost everyone who tries gets this wrong.

It wasn’t until I discovered that all the hype-filled promises and unproven methods of the supposed gurus I was paying attention to really had no chance of ever helping me achieve my dreams that I realized that I didn’t stand a chance.

That’s when I knew I needed to learn the truth.

That’s what makes this so different. None of it is based in theory or is any way subjective.

You Will Learn The Exact Same Things These Superstars Of Marketing Use In Their Own Businesses To Make Mountains Of Money Each And Every Day.

The real beauty of getting this right is the freedom to call your own shots in life. So you can decide how much you want to make and how hard you want to work.

Let’s talk about the people you will be gaining this valuable and life-changing knowledge from.

You have probably seen plenty of “make money online” courses. People think of some clever idea for anything from using social media to SEO.

They create some worthless e-book or DVD course and hope enough people will buy it to pay their bills for the month.

The people you will be learning from make their money selling products. All kinds of products in just about every niche imaginable.

We do this every day! That’s how we know what works and what is just a waste of time, money and resources.

Each week we will be providing you with hours of hands-on training from a host of the absolute best in the business…

This May Be Most Elite Group Of Marketing Professionals
And Businesses Experts Ever Assembled In One Place.

This is not another box of stuff to have collect dust on your shelf…

This is hands-on. Each week, over the next eight, you will be mentored by some of the top people in most every important facet of building a profitable business.

You will take part in live webinars where you will be able to ask the direct, hard-to-answer, questions no one else wants to answer for you.

Questions most of the “gurus” avoid like the plague.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you determine if there is a big enough market for your product.
  • Where do you find prospects who want what you have?
  • How much should you spend to get a new customer and how do you determine the value of that customer?
  • What if you fail? Then what?
  • What are the essentials to running a successful online business?
  • You can’t do it all, where do you find help that knows what they are doing at an affordable price?
  • What should you outsource and what should you do yourself?
  • What are the pivot points and what are the steps to take when they are reached?
  • How do you get enough traffic?
  • How do you increase your conversion rate so you make more money with the traffic you currently have?
  • How do you find time to get it all done especially if you are still working at a day job?
  • What about all the technical stuff, who does that?
  • How do you create a network of like-minded people so you can keep learning what is working for others as things change?
  • Who can you trust in this industry? You know, who are the good guys who will actually help you and who know what they are talking about?
  • You don’t even have a product, how do you create one that people actually want? (No, this is not that “find something you are passionate about and teach others” speech, we’ve all been there, done that and have the stupid T-shirt)
  • What constitutes a real market for a product or service and how do you find one?
  • How do you test so you know you are selling as effectively as possible?
  • How do you write ads, or make sure you hire a copywriter who can, that pull in sales?
  • How do you do upsells, down sells and make sure you are not leaving money on the table?
  • How do you build a sales funnel right so you can automate things and continue to make even more money for years to come?
  • How to build a roadmap to success for your business that looks at the different challenges you will face at each milestone as you grow.
  • How to navigate the speedbumps along the way that can stop your growth dead in its tracks without the proper knowledge.
  • What is the downside of this scenario and how do I protect my assets?
  • How do you create and grow your brand?
  • How do you become the authority in your market so that people seek you out to solve their problems?
  • How do you re-position your product to a starving crowd to see sales explode overnight?
This Did Not Start Out To Be The Complete Course For Online Business Success It Has Now Become…

We just wanted to cover the most important areas which we felt were absolutely essential to writing good copy.

But then as word spread that we were teaching the wisdom of Gary Halbert, a sea of A-list marketers, marketing celebrities if you will, and some of the most successful and highest-paid people in the business started asking to be a part of this.

What we have ended up with is a lineup of experts the likes of which have never been gathered together for any one project before.

Experts in everything from copywriting, video marketing, traffic, PPC, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, email marketing... You name it, we’ve got you covered.

These are all the same people who the top marketers in IMreach out to to solve their complex problems or take advantage of new cutting edge opportunities.

People who have their own highly successful businesses and have gone through the school of hard knocks and come out smelling like money.

And not only will you hear how they have achieved this high level of success and learn how to apply everything to your business, you will get to join the conversation and basically be in the room with these people.

Asking questions specific to your business, your challenges, your needs.

And this hands-on training and help will continue for months… Someone will always be there to help you get unstuck and start moving forward, to answer your questions, to show you the best practices that are currently achieving the best results.

That’s what is so great about Halbertology. You will never have a question that goes unanswered.

It has always driven me nuts when I buy a course and have a question, and can’t even find a phone number to call. Then if I do call I get some outsourced support person who is clueless and can’t even speak my language let alone give me an accurate answer.

That won’t happen. You can reach us by phone, by email, by Skype (we were even thinking about carrier pigeons, but they can be so messy).

I don’t care if it’s a technical question, a question about getting traffic, writing copy, pay per click advertising, or what color converts best on a landing page (blue beats red most times in case you were wondering). You will always get a prompt and accurate answer.

See, we aren’t going to sit here and tell you that starting or running a business is easy, because it is not. We will, however, tell you that with this in your tool belt it will be far easier than it would be without it.

Nothing worth having is really easy. Building any business of any real scale takes some effort. There is no such thing as a plug-and-play, make-money-while-you-sleep business that can make you rich. It just doesn’t exist.

What this will do is drastically shorten your learning curve and give you the tools and knowledge you need to build, grow and scale any business.
  • You will know how to get more traffic.
  • You will know how to increase your conversions.
  • You will know how to scale things up to make even more money.
It will make it much easier because you won’t need to wonder what you should do next, you will learn the exact steps to take at every juncture.

You will have a proven plan for every step of the process.

You may not need everything we will be giving you. But we want to so over-deliver on this that you are never left wondering what to do next.

So That You Aren’t Guessing With Your Money Ever Again.

See, while we don’t want to mislead you to believe that by taking part in this, all of a sudden making a fortune becomes a matter of just pushing an easy button. That fame and fortune will beat a path to your door once you know these secrets of the marketing gods.

We also don’t want you to for one minute think this is some impossible feat reserved only for the gifted few.

Anyone can do this, and that includes those of you who have full time jobs. We all started somewhere and with what you will learn, it won’t be overwhelming or require that you work 24/7.

See the reason most of us who make our living online do so is because it is much easier than, say, owning the typical franchise or working in a profession.

Not only is it much easier it can also be far more lucrative.

And with the shortcuts to success you will learn in Halbertology it will also be far easier for you than those who will be teaching you had it. They had to work hard for years to learn what they are going to flat-out hand you.

They had to spend long hours and piles of money, so you that you won’t have to.

Think of this as the ultimate shortcut to building and growing a business, of mastering the art of persuasion and becoming the successful entrepreneur you want to be.

It’s like if you were going to build a software company and had Bill Gates saying, “Here, let me show you everything I have learned so far and help you out with that.”

If you are already in business, you know the value of having a playbook to follow. It’s why companies like McDonald’s can put 16-year-old to work anywhere in the world and in a matter of days have them following a procedure consistent with their brand.

So that you and I can pull into a McDonald’s anywhere and get the same exact experience. It may not be gourmet, but at least there are no surprises.

They know that because they teach everyone to say, “Would you like fries with that?” or “Do you want to super-size that?” They add billions to their bottom line with little extra expense or effort.

That’s what we want to help you do. Have everything you need to build your empire right at your fingertips.

Let’s face it, trial and error is for idiots who have too much money…

No one today can afford to just keep trying new things until something works. Let someone else be the pioneer with arrows in their back!

Instead you can learn the potential pitfalls of an action before you even take a single step.

So you can only do that which has already been proven to make the most money!

Imagine for a minute what it would be like to live the life of a successful online entrepreneur…

I live this life and know many other people who do, and in my opinion it is the best possible one anyone can live.

Why? In one word—Freedom!

You work when you want and you can do so from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

I have actually lived the “virtual life” for several years now and I would not trade it for anything. Sure I work hard, but I do it on my own terms.

Think about what it would feel like to never think about getting up and driving to a job ever again.

To go places and do the things you enjoy anytime you feel like it.

To know that making more money is as simple as launching another product, driving a bit more traffic to an existing offer, tweaking your sales message to bump conversion a bit.

My neighbors all think I am retired…

Seriously, I even live in a retirement community. They see me sitting at my laptop writing stuff, but for all they know I am screwing around on Facebook or playing Solitaire.

It’s funny, they all work in their yards and do all the normal chores associated with owning a home and see people pull up in front of my house to do all these mundane things.

They see me leave every weekend (on Thursday) for my place at the lake.

Or see us pile in the motorhome and take off for a week or two.

Is it because I have some measly pension that I am able to live off? Nope, it’s because I have engineered a life where I can sit down and run my business from anywhere I feel like it anytime I feel like it.

What Would Your Life Look Like If You Had Total Freedom And All The Money You Need?

For everyone the dream is different, but truth is most people never achieve theirs and that’s a shame.

Because with today’s technology it is actually easier to make a good living as an entrepreneur than ever before.

It can also be much more financially rewarding. You can literally decide how much you want to make, and make it.

What makes this possible and not even all that difficult?

The ability to scale a business fast and easily.

Think about it. You have the whole world at your fingertips.

You know what the most valuable commodity to anyone trying to solve a problem is? A solution.

There is a reason Google became one of the biggest companies on Earth with a search engine. People are searching!

People are searching for all kinds of solutions to all kinds of problems.

And making a fortune can be as easy as providing the right solution to the right people at the right time.

Do that properly and it gets hard to spend the money fast enough.

Now you can try to figure out how to do that on your own, or you can listen to the wisdom of those who have already successfully done it.

Which do you suppose would be easier and more profitable?

So who exactly are all these people and why should you listen to them?

We have reached out to a cross-section of people who do this successfully every day. Who have already achieved the level of success you seek. Who have already spent the time and money to figure this out.

Many of these people have never shared this information with anyone but their closest friends and business partners until now.

Because they don’t make their money teaching others how to make money online. They make it by selling products and services to the masses just like you.

And each of the people you are about to meet are at the top of their fields. Not only could you get not get access to them any other way, if you could, it would cost you a fortune. Why? Because the knowledge they possess, and are going to share with you, is priceless. It could make you wealthy beyond your dreams.

Here are just a few of the people who will share their wealth-building knowledge with you…

Kevin Halbert
Kevin Halbert. Like his Dad, Kevin is a copywriter and marketing consultant who has written award-winning ads in health & wellness, high-tech communications, finance, and more. He has tripled conversion rates for clients and his direct mail campaigns have generated an astonishing 10% response to cold leads.

Bond Halbert
Bond Halbert. Gary's youngest son, Bond, has spent more time working with his legendary father than anyone else. Bond conceptualizes, creates, and runs promotions for himself and a few private clients which generate millions of dollars in sales online. He recently updated The Boron Letters and it was Bond’s innovative promotion which propelled it straight to a #1 bestseller and he used even more ingenious marketing ideas to keep The Boron Letters at the top spot for weeks. Now, Bond is well-recognized and well-paid for his talent with email marketing, developing hooks, USPs, and marketing strategy.

Mark McRae
Mark McRae. Mark has built so many successful businesses in so many different categories it’s impossible to list them all here. He has generated hundreds of millions of dollars offline and tens of millions of dollars online over his stratospheric career in business. Not only is he one of ClickBank’s top selling vendors making millions every year, but he regularly consults with companies all over the world to helping them grow and manage their businesses. He has bought and sold more businesses than most people could think of. His knowledge of strategy and implementation are astounding. He knows how to get things done, protect against risk, and move dollars straight to the bottom line like no one else. Just the things you will learn from him alone could be worth a thousand times the cost of this course.

John Carlton
John Carlton. slyly refers to himself as “the most ripped-off writer on the Web”, and no one on the inside of the online business world disagrees.

Other marketers also call John “the most respected writing teacher alive”… and the list of well-known marketers who freely reference John as their primary mentor for writing sales messages is just staggering.

John’s sales writing has been stalked for decades by many of the best (and most successful) marketers on the Internet, who freely admit using John’s ads as templates for their own breakthrough pitches.

They copy John’s stuff because it works.

As a working freelance copywriter, John is one of a handful at the top of the game — commanding fees that cause unprepared clients to choke, getting booked up to a year in advance by the largest mailers in the world, and consistently writing pitches that sell like crazy.

As a teacher of writing sales messages for businesses, John is responsible for helping a verifiable mob of otherwise clueless entrepreneurs and small business owners get their act together.

John lectures at only a handful of seminars each year, turning down most invitations so he can tend to his vast herd of students. (This past year’s itinerary included San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai.)

John’s advice, ad critiques, and notorious Hot Seat consultations - though brutal, since he treats student copy with the same professional seriousness as he treats his own — have helped create marketing empires.

John is a street-wise salesman at heart. Though he has a degree in psychology, he long ago realized that the hottest fun in business was applying the secrets of human behavioral psych to the real world of sales.

David Garfinkel
David Garfinkel. As a marketing consultant and master copywriter, David Garfinkel has worked with businesses in 81 different industries. He’s an established teacher of business writing skills with a long list of successful clients in the corporate, entrepreneurial, and professional services arenas. David's clients include IBM, United Airlines, Pacific Bell, Time-Life Books and MCI.

Clayton Makepeace
Clayton Makepeace. Clayton Makepeace has spent nearly four decades creating direct mail, Internet, and print promotions that have sold well over $1.5 billion-worth of nutritional supplements and investment products, as well as books and newsletters on personal finance, investing, health and more.

Plus, as a direct marketing consultant, he’s helped four major direct marketing firms at least quadruple sales and profits to well over $100 million per year, each.

His direct response copy has generated as many as two million new customers for a single product in just 36 months … doubled, tripled, and – on four separate occasions – quadrupled the number of paying customers on his clients’ house files … increased his clients’ sales revenues by as much as 1,000% in a single month… and multiplied monthly sales revenues by up to 4,400% in just twelve short months.

In a typical month, his web-based and email campaigns compel between 60,000 and 90,000 investors to register for and attend online video briefings – with gross sales following these briefings of as much as $3.6 million in a weekend … $5 million in a few weeks … and a staggering $16 million in a single month!

He’s been heralded by best-selling marketing author Robert W. Bly and the prestigious American Writers and Artists Institute as the world’s highest-paid copywriter – with royalty income of up to $3 million per year since 1997. And he was recently honored by Early to Rise and presented with their esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award.

In addition to his work as a direct response copywriter and strategist, Clayton was the Publisher and Executive Editor of the highly acclaimed e-zine The Total Package for many years– through which he helped more than 25,000 direct response business owners, copywriters and marketers in 67 countries to accelerate their sales and profits.

Jon Benson
Jon Benson. Jon Benson is the CEO of Jon Benson Fitness, Inc., Fitology, Inc., and 3X Formulas, Inc. He is the creator of the video sales letter, which ushered in a new form of selling on the web. To date, Jon’s 3X-style of video sale letter has generated over 10 billion dollars in sales for hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses. He now teaches his 3X VSL Formula live in corporate settings, as well as through courses on the Internet. He is also the creator of the 3X VSL Generator, the only automated tool and teaching program for Internet marketers looking to create professional sales copy quickly.

Jon is also a 4-time bestselling author on the subject of fitness and nutrition, including Fit Over 40?, 7 Minute Body, and The Every Other Day Diet. They reside in Malibu, California and both of them really want a monkey.”

John Rowley
John Rowley. John is at the top of ClickBank’s fitness and supplement niche. He's also the first person they ever allowed to sell supplements.

When a devastating car accident cut his promising college athletic career short, John had a choice. Give up his dream and accept the fate others thought he was doomed to, or search out a new course to better his life. So he did what winners do. He faced the challenge and conquered his limitations. Determined to be healthy again, he took on recovery with a vengeance, studying kinesiology, exercise, anatomy, fitness and nutrition.

It was an attitude that would serve him well the rest of his life. It enabled John to work his way up from a janitor in Brooklyn to the high-powered world of New York City real estate. As one of the youngest Senior VPs in Manhattan, John’s reputation as a top executive enabled him to represent some of the most prestigious properties on Park Avenue and the Upper East Side.

With this background in both real estate and wellness, it seemed only natural that John’s next step would be combining the two. Stretching his entrepreneurial wings, he bought the Brooklyn gym featured in the movie Pumping Iron – starring famed body builders Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno.

John went on to combine his unique knowledge and his passion to help people with his run-away best seller, Old School New Body. An international sensation, it has motivated people worldwide to work harder toward physical, mental and spiritual fitness. John was also the author of two other books, The Power of Positive Fitness and Climb Your Ladder of Success Without Running out of Gas which were not just best sellers, but also well received by the media. John has also released The UX3 Perfect Meal Formula – a comprehensive meal strategy for those who are looking for optimal fitness results.

For over 35 years, John has used his passion to inspire others. His simple solutions, crafted from what he’s learned from top athletes, doctors and even celebrities, have change people’s lives. He is very passionate about sharing his knowledge with others so they can become healthy, lean, fit and successful in their own lives!

Craig Clemens
Craig Clemens. Craig began in sales when he was 21, bounding around jobs including “boiler room-esque” phone sales jobs, selling credit card merchant accounts, and Direct TV subscriptions, but found himself at 24, completely broke. He specifically recounts one month where he had to sell his TV for $50 to make rent. He also used to go to McDonalds with coupons to get $1 off the value meal for lunch. Talk about being frugal!

After discovering that his friend Eben Pagen was making $70,000 a month selling an eBook called Double Your Dating, Craig set his sites on learning from him, and was eventually offered a job with Eben starting at $3,000 a month. At the time this was life-changing money for Craig, but the real value would come in the form of knowledge. Eben was one of the world’s best sales copywriters, and Craig would have the fortune of learning directly from him for the next four years.

Why is this such an important skill in business you ask? Here’s what Craig had to say:

“Learning to write winning sales copy is perhaps the most important thing you can learn in business, as it’s a skill you will use for the rest of your life, whether your actual “job” involves writing or not. Career-wise, it’s recession-proof – every company needs sales, so the demand for great writers who can bring those sales in will always be high no matter what the economy. Sure, you may have to shift from selling yachts to selling economical cars, but there will always be companies needing your service! A great writer can charge 25K or more plus royalties for a single copy package, and smart entrepreneurs will happily pay it, as they know the right sales material can turn their idea into gold.”

Craig and Eben parted ways in 2009, and since then Craig has started multiple internet businesses, partnering with his two brothers and a friend named Josh. He also had a run as a club promoter in Hollywood where he learned about deal making and building a quality network of people.

Today, Craig is the definition of a successful internet entrepreneur. He lends his marketing talents to a company he and his partners recently acquired that specializes in organic cosmetics and skincare treatments.

Scott Haines
Scott Haines. One of Gary Halbert’s best-known protégés, Scott worked with Gary for nearly a decade. Gary himself once said, “Scott is truly one of the best copywriters in the world... and... one of only three people whose opinion I trust.” Shy, reclusive and reluctant to step into the limelight, Scott is hard to corner and doesn’t take on very many new clients. However, for the ones who put out the effort to track him down and pay his fees, he often makes them very happy by writing one consistent winner after another.

Jason Henderson
Big Jason Henderson. Email copywriting, strategy, optimization and deliverability for over fifteen years. Throw in product launch optimization, landing page optimization and online testing for almost as long. Varied industries all over the map have come under his email spells...

He stays on the top of his game not only by continually testing and retesting different email copy and strategies, but he has also not missed one MarketingSherpa Email Summit since it started over 7 years ago... (just happens to be the biggest email marketing conference in the entire world)

He has also continually tested his knowledge (and put it into practice) by being certified in email marketing optimization, landing page optimization and online testing over 4 times by MECLabs/MarketingExperiments, the world's leading marketing optimization and testing company...

But who cares about all that? What others say is far more powerful… Don't you agree?

“I’ve been studying and using email marketing to make money since the 1980s, so I know a thing or two about this. I can positively say that Big Jason is as smart as he is tall (he’s 6’11”).

His techniques will ensure that your email marketing is running at peak performance and earning you top dollar.”

James Schramko
James Schramko. James has a reputation for being right on the cutting edge of what’s happening in marketing today. He runs his own membership website for budding marketers and entrepreneurs where he helps his members grow their businesses.

Keith Kranc
Keith Krance. After spending 6 years as an airline pilot for Horizon Air, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines, and racking up over 4,000 hours in a 70-Passenger Jet, Keith’s entrepreneurial spirit finally took over. After leveraging some early real estate success, he started, owned, and operated several “brick & mortar” retail businesses as a part of two franchises. After a few years of “grinding” through managing these businesses he started diving into direct response online marketing.

He quickly fell in love with Facebook Advertising, as he had never seen any other advertising medium like it in the offline world: similar to billboards and TV advertising yet cheaper to test and implement; and much more targeted.

Keith is now the founder and president of Dominate Web Media, a full service agency and consulting company specializing in helping businesses scale their marketing and increase their reach by using strategic Facebook Advertising, Retargeting, and tapping into dozens of other online media channels and social media marketing platforms. His team has managed several million dollars in Facebook advertising spend which has generated hundreds of thousands of new leads, and several million dollars in revenue generated directly from Facebook and other online media channels.

His company, Dominate Web Media, has helped clients in dozens of different markets all over the world, working with both small businesses and large companies. They also manage campaigns and work closely with some of the biggest experts in the online marketing industry, which gives them even more insight and perspective on what really works and what doesn’t work.

Tyler Bramlett
Tyler Bramlett. “Create something that is complementary to your niche, not competitive, especially if you’re just starting out.”

In 2003 Tyler Bramlett was 40 lbs. overweight and struggling to find success with mainstream fitness regimens. With a simple goal of losing fat and gaining lean muscle, Tyler set out to break free from the chains of traditional weight loss methods and create something new entirely.

Born from this were the Garage Warrior community and ultimately, the Warrior Media group. This last year Tyler launched his product “0-6 Pack Abs” which saw great success in ClickBank’s health and fitness space. Between this and other launches, Tyler has learned a great deal about digital marketing and putting your products in front of the right people.

“Really understand your business model and understand your numbers. People forget to track the simplest of things, conversion rates on their sales page, conversion rates on their order page and upsell revenue.”

Brandee Sweesy
Brandee Sweesey. Sweesey has been dubbed the “Hangout Marketing Expert” by some of the top names in the industry. Her passion for marketing, branding, strategy and most of all engagement with clients’ community has led her to helping people with LIVE video and Google Hangouts.

She helps entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and small businesses to have a greater reach with less effort. Which for them equates to more clients and ultimately more money.

Teran Dale
Teran Dale. Owner of Teran Dale Marketing and Wealthy Orthodontist, Teran is the go to guy when businesses need solutions in marketing and PPC . Here is just a small list of past and present clients:

Capital One
Torstar Digital
John Carlton – World Famous Copywriter/Marketing expert
Rich Schrefren Marketing expert – Strategic Profits
Jay Abraham – World Famous Marketing Consultant
Harlan Kilstein – Copywriter/Internet marketing expert
Brian Johnson – President & CEO Enterprises LLC
Dean Jackson – Marketing Expert
Jonathan Fields – Famous Author/speaker and Marketing consultant
Scott Rewick – Media buy/Internet Marketing expert
Chris Hadad – Copywriters/Marketing consultant
Michael Ellesberg Famous Author/Contributor to Forbes
Magazine/Marketing consultant
Paul Reddick – Paul Reddick Baseball/Marketing Coach
Pat Rigsby – Marketing/Coach to the Fitness world
Jeff Cavaliere – AthleanX creator and trainer to the stars
Phil Alexander – Direct Marketing consultant and historian
Ben Morris Krystalitix
Gary Coxe World famous motivational speaker and author - Guest speaker
on Oprah Winfrey's The Nate Berkus Show

His customer list reads like a who’s who of the business worlds, covering too many niches to mention.

Josh Turner
Josh Turner. Josh is the founder of Linked Selling, a B2B marketing firm specializing in fully outsourced LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. They represent clients (like Neil Patel, Microsoft, Lisa Sasevich and GKIC, to name a few) in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, and Australia, in a wide variety of industries.

Josh's company also operates LinkedUniversity.com, an online training program for LinkedIn marketing. He is considered one of the leading experts in the world when it comes to growing your business using LinkedIn.

Chris Haddad
Chris Haddad. Chris “Mr. Moneyfingers” Haddad is an elite level copywriter you can’t hire at any price. Prior to starting his own business on ClickBank, Chris was the “secret sauce” copy guy behind several multi-million dollar launches and ClickBank #1’s, as well the guy 7-figure entrepreneurs called to double or triple their conversions. Since launching his first product on ClickBank in late 2010 Chris has become an absolute force in the romance, dating and relationship market, rocketing from $0 to mid 7 figures in sales in just 18 months, appearing on national television (including a spot on the Rachel Ray show and claiming 3 of the top 10 slots in ClickBank’s “Self Help” category in record time. Chris’ secret? A unique approach to sales letters and sales videos that crawl into your prospects' minds and force them to pay attention… and offers that out convert everything else in the niche.

Nader Anise
Nader Anise. Ready for some good news? If you’re running a business -- or plan on running a business -- in an insanely competitive niche, you may have just hit the marketing lottery. Meet Nader Anise: marketing strategist, advertising and PR ace, and copywriting master. An attorney by profession, Nader (“The Bionic Marketer”) creates ingenious methods for businesses looking to multiply revenues in record time. It's not unusual for Nader's strategies to double, triple, and even quadruple profits -- the stacks of client testimonials can attest to that. Nader has been featured in national media outlets such as NBC-TV, PBS, Access Hollywood, Inc., Selling Power, The Christian Science Monitor and countless others, as well as many international media. He is documented by Immigration Daily as being one of the highest paid marketing experts in the world. Having achieved “Rock Star” status in the lawyer marketing arena, Nader is also eagerly pursued by businesses in other insanely competitive niches, such as the financial, medical, insurance and retail markets. He is credited with coining the term “lawyerpreneur" in 2000. Nader is the Chief Bionic Officer of Nader Anise Lawyer Marketing, Inc. and President of Jugular Marketing Corp.

Amazing fact: Nader once wrote a one page press release that generated over $1,200,000 in national publicity in a span of only four days.

Carline Anglade-Cole
Carline Anglade-Cole. After 12 years in the direct marketing industry working as Group Publisher for Phillips Publishing (now known as Healthy Directions)... and later as Executive Vice President for Georgetown Publishing House Carline left the corporate world in 1999 and began her freelance career as a direct mail copywriter.

Having superstar copywriter Clayton Makepeace as her mentor was a career blessing.

Clayton taught her the art of copywriting and showed her how to connect with the market and write killer copy.

Master copywriter Gary Bencivenga also taught her the art of persuasion.

For the past 14 years, she has created, multi-year controls for clients such as Healthy Directions, True Health, Weiss, Health Resources, NatureCity, Soundview Publications and Sun Chlorella USA. Plus launched extensive e-zine promotions for nutritional supplement companies.

Carline specializes in "home run" packages and will be sharing exactly how she is able to hit it out of the park every time.

Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero
Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero. Lorrie founded Red Hot Copy in 1999 an effort to work anywhere, raise her family, and still make a good living. Her background in journalism and acting prepared her for the creative (and competitive) nature of copywriting. From the moment she discovered the genre, Lorrie was drawn to the edgy, conversational language, the winding persuasive arguments, and weaving psychology throughout the copy.

After studying closely with master copywriters, Lorrie has become a world-renowned and award-winning copywriter with her own unique style. She has an uncanny ability to make her copy bond and build relationships with the prospect…driving them to become loyal customers buying from her (or her clients) over and over again. “It’s almost like she’s talking you through it,” said one client. “Lorrie keeps your attention from the first word to the last.”

From her past reporter days, she is adamant about deeply researching the current industries, trends and competition. In fact, Lorrie coined the term “TARKET” (“target” plus “market”) to explain how to collect research and refine it to speak to a single person in your demographic. In fact her TARKET methodology has become part of the 21st Century marketing lingo.

Lorrie’s words have sold products in a variety of industries including mompreneurs, professional speaking, the seminar business, hypnosis, health & fitness, nutritional supplements, biz op, and entrepreneurial services. After working closely with high profile speakers and entrepreneurs, Lorrie now focuses her passion on educating business owners in reaching the female market.

Perry Belcher
Perry Belcher is a business marketing consultant, investor, importer, copywriter, Internet entrepreneur and is the Co-Owner of Digital Marketer.

Over the past two decades, Perry has been involved in dozens of business ventures. From his humble beginnings with sales in the 1990s, Perry has honed his tools and techniques, resulting in sales of millions of dollars in goods and services. Now, Perry wants to share his strategies with others to help them succeed with their own businesses.

Having had his hands in many aspects of the business world. He has launched countless online businesses, from survival preparedness to industrial supplies, finance, and DIY initiatives. Over time, Perry has figured out what works, perfecting his methods while leaving the inefficient or inconsistent parts behind. This has helped Perry to become one of the most skilled digital marketers in recent times. He understands how difficult it can be for a new business to enter a crowded marketplace, standing out from competitors and growing in a positive direction. With his methods, other businesses can share in the successes he has had.

He has helped Digital Marketer skyrocket and can personally lay claim to some $50,000,000.00 in sales. They don’t call him the master of the offer for nothing!

It’s a who’s who of Internet marketing all coming together in one place with one unified goal…

To Show You How To Build, Grow, And Scale Your Business So You Can Make More Money With Less Effort.

We didn’t just reach out to people whose names we thought might impress you, but rather the people who are in the trenches every day doing this and can teach you the stuff no one else is. Things that are critical to your success!

Maybe even more important than the who, though, is the how…

It would be pretty amazing if a lineup like this were to give you a few pearls of wisdom each, put it all on recordings and sent your way.

You would learn a lot.

But that’s not going to rocket you to meteoritic success like the format we have chosen could.

Instead of sending you a big box of stuff to sit on your bookshelf and collect dust, we are inviting you to sit down with these people and listen and learn. Live. So you can ask questions and get solid take to the bank answers.

So you can hear the questions others ask and gain the wisdom that only an alliance of like-minded people can give you.
  • So you can see how thing work not just in theory, but in practice.
  • So you can finally have all the pieces to the puzzle and start building a real, cash-producing business that can grow as big as you can dream.

Here’s Why This Is The ONLY Thing You Should Be Looking At If You Are Serious About Starting A Business, Taking An Existing Business To The Next Level, Or Becoming An A-List Copywriter…

Look at how the next eight weeks could change your life:

We’ll look at just week one to start with so you can see just how much value we will be delivering over the next eight weeks.

We start off with a welcome webinar just to make everyone feel at home and make all the proper introductions and such. In this webinar, we will outline the coming weeks to help you make sure you get all you can out of the entire eight weeks.

You will have access to part one of what is probably the most important, thorough, informative, brilliant, hands-on copywriting and marketing seminars ever held.

In a rare live 3 day event Gary Halbert, the Prince of Print himself, told a small group of hungry entrepreneurs the secrets for amassing a fortune through direct marketing.

People thought they were going to be attending a copywriting seminar, and while they did sit through what could well be the best one ever held…

What They Ended Up With Was A PhD Level Education In How To Make Money Through Direct Response Marketing.

It is in this seminar that Gary explains in great detail what I feel is the most important piece of wisdom I ever learned from him.

See, before I got into direct response advertising I had an advertising agency that did the typical kind of ads you see on TV, hear on radio, and read in newspapers and magazines.

We spent millions of our clients’ money and while we did make them many times that and they were always very happy with what we produced for them…

I had this stupid idea that I was in the advertising business.

It was Gary Halbert that taught me the business I should really be in and that anyone selling anything should be in.

The arithmetic business.

You will learn how to know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not an idea pencils-in and can make you money before you roll it out and spend thousand or even millions on a flop.

What he will teach you about this will be the most valuable lesson of your life. It could save you more money, and make you more money, than anything else you could ever hope to learn.

You will understand what really constitutes a market, how to find one, how to know if is a profitable one, how to do the math in advance and know how much money you can make before you even have a product.

You will get to sit in on this rare recording as the master himself teaches you how to:
  • Identify a hot market starving for a solution and happy to pay you to solve their problem for them.
  • Determine if it’s a market that can make you money.
  • Create a product people will stand in line to buy.
  • Test in a way where you know up front if your promotion is a money maker or if it just has no chance of ever making you any real money before you spend any real time or money on it.
  • Write a world class sales letter that guarantees you get every sale possible.
  • Use persuasion at a master’s level in all of your sales efforts.
In this rare seminar Gary doesn’t just teach you these things, he demonstrates each and every step and creates world-class copy with you, right before your eyes.

This is probably the most important information any marketer will ever receive. The things he teaches were not talked about before this epic event and haven’t been talked about since.

These are things only Gary knew and are the secrets responsible for one winning promotion after another that generated many millions of dollars for him and his clients.

If you sell by mail it is without doubt the most valuable information you will ever receive. See, Gary was making a fortune long before the Internet. When sending out a sales message meant spending money on paper, printing, envelopes, list rental, and postage.

You could lose your shirt or make a fortune!

Depending on whether or not you got it right.

When you apply this same wisdom to online marketing, where testing is ten times faster and costs are far lower, it could make you a fortune fast.

If I tried to list out everything he covered in this live three-day seminar you would be reading the bullet points for hours.

The bottom line is that this alone is worth many times the investment you will make today and it’s just a small part of all you will receive.

If one Halbert’s wisdom is this valuable, imagine what two generations of Halbert copywriting genius giving you their recipes for marketing success could be worth to you.

In week one you will also get access to part one of Kevin Halbert’s never-before-released copywriting course.

Kevin Halbert is a world-class copywriter who has expanded on all the knowledge he learned growing up with one of the best copywriters on the planet as a dad.

He Will Teach You A Practical, Actionable, Step-By-Step Method To Writing Sales Copy That Sucks In Money Like An 800 Horsepower Hoover.

This is also far different than any course ever offered in that Kevin walks you step-by-step through the process of writing a winning ad.

See that’s the problem with so much of what has been available up until now…

Too much theory and not enough how-to.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yeah. Week 1 and even more great cash-generating wisdom served up in first class fashion.

You will attend a live webinar with Kevin Halbert where he goes deep into what a market is. He will discuss the myth of market creation, and the importance of finding your tribe. Market Research may not be a sexy term, but if you want to make a lot of money selling anything, to anyone, it is the foundation on which your money making machine must be built. We’re really in the arithmetic business.

The big take-away will be how to make market research fun and sexy. Not the eyes glazing over exercise most perceive it to be.

That’s just week one of eight that are all jam packed with ideas and techniques for increasing revenue that you can take to the bank.

You will learn things that I can assure you do not know now. Some of what will be revealed will surprise you, some of it will shock you to your core.

You will have an understanding of markets that would elude you forever if you aren’t front row at this live online event.

That’s the beauty of these weekly webinars. That they are live. So you can ask questions and get immediate answers.

That would be a lot of value for week one if we just stopped there, but we are far from finished loading you up with money making knowledge.

Mark McRae has made millions of dollars online and offline.

He is one of the leading experts in online business today. He does this stuff every day. Sells physical and digital products to the masses.

He has making money online dialed-in to a science.

He is one of Clickbank’s biggest vendors and will show you how to build, run, grow, and scale your business to extraordinary heights.
  • You will discover how having a holistic view of running your business is vital to your growth.
  • Over the eight weeks he will share with you everything he has learned about strategy, process, outsourcing, product launches, email marketing, and building massively profitable sales funnels that convert like crazy.
  • He will share his templates and check lists he uses every day to train and keep his entire staff aware and focused on the important tasks.
  • And also the ones he uses to quickly solve the daily problems of running a business and get back on track and profitable fast.

Basically he is going to pull back the curtain and show you every moving part of his well-oiled business machine that works and makes him millions every single year.

Also in week one and each week following you will receive access to one of the All Star Audio Series.

What Is The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series?

A lot of people prefer to hear information as opposed to reading it, so Kevin and Bond asked his fans which issue of The Gary Halbert Letter had the most impact on their careers.

They took that list and added a few more great letters to give the listeners a variety of issues which represent the best of the whole series.

Next, they started asking top copywriters if they would each record themselves reading an issue of The Gary Halbert Letter.

Everyone they spoke to jumped at the chance to honor Gary. They then assigned letters based on each copywriter’s specialized skill or knowledge... and... in some cases, they just let them read their favorite issue.

What’s In The Letters?

We told each expert reader they could add any commentary they wished and what we got back was truly incredible.

Some of the readers told Gary Halbert stories and some explained what the letters meant to them.

Others explained how these tactics are still being used by entrepreneurs to make a lot of money today.

Best of all, many of the readers added their own advice about the topic covered in the letter, making the series a must have for even the longest-running Gary Halbert fans.

After listening to the tracks it immediately became apparent why these writers are renowned as the best of the best.

I hate to overuse use the word Epic but that is exactly what this is...

It’s Epic Beyond Belief!

So as you can see, just what you will receive in week one is more actionable, useful, profitable, and cutting-edge marketing knowledge, tips and strategies than you could find anywhere at just about any price.

And that’s just week one.

Over the coming eight weeks your mind will be filled with what we believe to be the best real-world marketing and copywriting techniques and know how ever offered in one place.

“If You Can’t Build A Profitable Online Business Or Grow Your Existing One Dramatically With The Information Handed To You By These World-Class Experts, You Had Better Check Your Pulse.”

Because this is not what might work, what could work, what sounds good in theory…

This is the stuff of legendary marketing breakthroughs that have become the gold standard of how to build, run, and grow a business.

Everything you will learn has been tested over and over and honed to near perfection.

The costly mistakes, the complete and total failures, the millions of dollars spent learning these hard and priceless marketing lessons, has been experienced and worked through by the very people you will be learning from.

These are the battle-tested and proven profitable components of good marketing you can learn nowhere else.

They are exactly what these people do every day, across a multitude on niches, that produce staggering profits and have even built business empires of massive proportion.

In other words… this is how you should be marketing in today’s business environment.

Let me tell you a story about one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He was a client of mine for many years and he still seeks me out any time he needs some advice on something marketing-related.

He has a retail business that has flourished for over 25 years now. Even during the great recession he enjoyed one record year after another.

But he could only grow so big because of his ability to scale. He was limited by actual, physical floor space for merchandise and customers. He looked to build a bigger facility but there was just never the right opportunity to do so.

I begged him for years to build a virtual store online and explained how he could fulfill orders from warehouses and grow as big as he wanted, without the limitations that were currently holding that growth back.

But for whatever reason he could never get his head wrapped around the idea. I think executing it just seemed beyond his grasp.

So while he is very successful and lives a great life, he will never reach his full potential and know the kind of success he could have.

That’s the beauty of selling online. There are no limits to how big you can grow. As long as there is a market for what you are selling you can continue to scale forever. And make an absolute fortune doing so.

We want to show you exactly step-by-step how others have done that and how you can too.

All it takes is the right market, the right product, and killer ad copy to make as much money as you want and we are handing you the keys to the kingdom to create everything you need to rise to complete dominance in your niche and crush your competition.

I can’t even imagine what all this is really worth to you…

It could be tens of millions if you follow through on everything you learn.

But just the value of the materials if you had to try to purchase this data base of cash-generating knowledge would be astronomical.

Just to hire each of our panel of experts individually for one hour would cost you in excess of $25,000.00.

But don’t worry, you won’t pay close to that.

What I will tell you is that it was important to everyone involved to keep this within reach of even someone who is just starting out.

See, everyone involved in this project, even those who have gone on to make vast online fortunes, were all at the starting gate at some point.

They are sharing what they have learned so that you don’t have to let fear, or not having enough time or money, get in the way of your success.
  • So you know what steps to take and when to take them.
  • So you know how to write killer ad copy and get it in front of enough of the right traffic to make sales and be profitable.
  • So you can drastically shortcut the learning curve and reach your goals sooner and with less effort.

Everything You Need To Build And Grow A Business For One Affordable Price.

We have even split it up into payment options for those who just can’t swing the entire $997 today.

Here’s the potentially bad news…

You will need to act today if you are going to be a part of this elite group of internet marketing’s fortune 1000.

Because that is the maximum number we can make available. This is not some hype-filled scarcity play we invented to get you to take immediate action.

Because most of this will take place in live webinars, we have to live with Go To Meeting's restrictions on webinars. And that means a maximum number of 1000 attendees.

Trust me, we would love to sell more and make this available to everyone on the planet, but that’s their rules, not ours.

The other thing is that we are starting this training on Tuesday, June 2nd.

If you are not in the room with us on that first day you will not get the opportunity to take part in the first webinar. You won’t have the chance to ask questions and get answers to your most pressing issues.

And… After the initial 8 weeks anyone buying into this will only be able to get the recorded version of what you will there live and in person for.

And they could hear these experts answer YOUR questions, you could become a permanent part of the ongoing Halbertology experience for years to come. How cool is that?

And this is really important:

Much of what is included in Halbertology has been available as separate products up until now. If you added up the price of each it is far more than the entire course. At some point in the future these may not be included at this one low price.

Plus, and this is HUGE!

I have a special bonus for you today that I couldn’t be happier to tell you about:

When Jay Abraham learned about what we were doing to honor Gary Halbert’s life work he gave us a gift to give to you of great value.

When you join Halbertology TODAY you will receive a gratis copy of Jay Abraham’s best-selling Mr. X book as a gift.

This book has sold so many copies I don’t even know what the number is. Many, many tens of thousands at the very least.

For right around $500.00 per copy.

It’s your gift from Jay when you join Halbertology today.

You do not want to be late to this party because every single live webinar will be jam packed with money making ideas that could mean a fortune to you.

Here’s the thing. As I have already mentioned this thing just grew on its own once word got out about what we were doing.

It seems everyone who knew Gary wanted to be a part of this and share things that until now they have kept close to their vests as their own personal secret weapons for creating wealth.

And they are all sending news of this one time only event to everyone on their lists. They are sharing it through social media. The buzz this has created is quickly turning into a loud roar that will be heard throughout the entire marketing community.

I suppose hundreds of thousands of people may have heard about this already.

What I am really saying is that these 1000 available spots could be taken in the next few hours. It’s just simple math, and supply and demand at work.

So if you feel this is for you, then I would recommend you jump on board right now. Because tomorrow could quite literally be too late.

But what happens if you do so and then decide this just isn’t right for you? Will you be out your $997? Nope, that’s not how we roll.

If for any reason within the first 60 days you decide you want out, you can keep all the knowledge you have gained up until that point and get every penny of your investment back. No hassles, no questions asked.

100% No-Questions-Asked
Money Back Guarantee

We only want people involved in this who want to be, and you may not know if the shoe fits till you put it on and walk around in it a bit. And we are fine with that.

No explanation will be needed, just say “Hey, I want my money back” and you will have it faster than you can open your wallet.

We not only want to give you the most value you have ever received with a product, we also want you to feel that every minute and every dollar you spent was the best investment of time and money you have ever made.

But as I said, you will probably need to decide today. Right now.

That is the only way to insure you have a VIP front row seat to this life changing event. This has to our knowledge never happened before and will most likely never happen again.

If you miss this you may kick yourself forever. The remorse of knowing that you missed the biggest marketing event ever held will eat you alive.

While others are breaking new ground and making their dreams come true, you could just be stuck exactly where you are today. Unless you are happy with where that is, and don’t long for a better life, that would be a very avoidable tragedy.

This is your life, you are the engineer of your own destiny. Today you have the chance to have many of the brightest people in copywriting, marketing, and business growth and development be your mentors.

To show you an exact path to riches that has already been blazed so that your journey can be easier, less stressful and far more rewarding.

You know everything you have read here today is true and accurate. You know that this is what is missing to help get you to your dream destination and live the life you long for.

This is real, it’s not some pipe dream. You can do this. You can build a business that makes you as much money as you are willing to work for.

I’m not saying that it will always be easy, but it will be very rewarding and it is something anyone can do. That includes you.

The hardest part of any endeavor is just getting started. It is what holds most people back from ever achieving their dreams.

The first step is just hitting the order button. Everything else will get easier and easier with each passing day and week. One day you will look back on this day as the day when it all changed for you. When you finally got the tools and knowledge to become someone who calls your own shots and started living a life anyone would envy.
Being the CEO of your own successful company is the biggest thrill you will ever experience. The status and prestige feel amazing. And the money doesn’t suck either.
  • Grab your future by the horns and slap it into submission right now.
  • Take what you want from life, not what it decides to hand you.
  • Become the captain of your own destiny. It’s easier than you think and the rewards are tremendous.

Just remember, you need to do so now, not tomorrow. Indecision is just a decision to accept the status quo. And this once in a lifetime opportunity could pass you by like a leaf in a hurricane.

So hit that order button now and I will see you on the inside.

REMEMBER: If you take the 2-Payment option ($650 X 2), you will never need to make another payment once you have covered the price of the system. You receive all the benefits of a once off payment of $997. Either payment option will give you access to the full product. You will receive some very special material during the next weeks and months if you act today.

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