Here's yet another Gary Halbert sales letter for you to study.

----- Begin Gary Halbert Letter -----

Did You Listen To The Audio Tape
And Do Your Little Writing Assignment?

From: Miami Beach, FL
Tuesday, 8:45 a.m.
April 30, 1996


Dear Friend & Subscriber,

Well, I hope you've listened to the audio tape and written and mailed those two letters I dictated.

Obviously, I have no real control over whether you did that stuff or not.

But, I hope you did.

Here's why: Look, about 30 years ago, I decided I wanted to become the best copywriter who ever lived.

I've achieved that goal. At least I've achieved it in my own mind (the only place it really counts) and, to my own satisfaction. Now, I want something different.

I Want To Be The Best

Copywriting Teacher In The World!

And, by God, I think maybe I am. Listen up: I have a friend who is, arguably, the deadliest man on earth when it comes to hand-to-hand fighting. What he likes, after he trains someone is, to have that person go hang out in biker bars.

He doesn't tell them to pick fights ... because ... he knows the bikers will take care of that part.

Anyway, just to stay "tuned-up” my friend goes out to a biker bar every once in a while, all by himself. He just sits there until one or more bikers (the more the merrier) starts a fight with him ... and then …

He Beats The Living

Shit Out Of Everybody

In The Bar!

He's been doing this for years. Now, let me ask you something: If you had to learn how to fight (like maybe you knew you were going to have to defend your wife or one of your friends) who would you want to teach you how to fight? Some movie star, kick-boxing, karate guy like Chuck Norris ... who literally ... has never been in a fight in his life?

I don't think so.

I think you'd rather be trained by someone like my friend who has ... in real life ... been putting his ass on the line for years ... and ... who is always ready to do it again.

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace.

The choice is obvious. Unless you are a complete moron, you always· bet on a guy who "walks-the-walk”

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instead of some lame dipshit who just .. “talks-the-talk” ... And, when it comes to copywriting, that's me! I'm the only teacher in the world who has been hanging out in the "Biker Bars of Marketing" for more than 30 years … and ... who is always ready and willing to prove he is the best copywriter who ever lived.

Anytime. Anywhere. Anyplace.

Do you have the guts to go into the baddest "Biker Bars of Marketing" with me? I'm not going to lie to you and tell you it's not going to be hard. I'm not going to lie and tell you it's not going to be scary.

It is hard. It is scary. It'll jolt the hell out of you. But, if you have the "heart" for it …

You Can Achieve Total

Financial Freedom For The Entire

Rest Of Your Life!

You can get everything you need in the way of "equipment" from your local drug store for $1.39. (I actually went out and priced it.) You can, if you choose, work at home from your kitchen table. You can live anywhere you want. You can make huge amounts of money in a remote "Unabomber-type" cabin, a motor home, a boat ... or ... a mansion (you'll be able to afford one) ... or ... a more conventional type "normal” .. office. It just doesn't matter.

Best of all, you will never have to kiss anybody's ass for money ... ever again!

Let's get down to it: If you listened to the audio tape and, you were fully alert, you were an "audio witness" to something very strange. You heard me direct a room full of people to write two letters to their very own mothers ... and ... one of those letters described "mom" as "nothing but a wrinkled up old bitch" ... and … "the biggest waste of skin God ever created."

Then, 2-1/2 days later (as you heard on the tape) you heard those people describing the "learning experience" I gave them as life-saving and almost ... spiritual.

What happened between the time I had all those people writing that awful letter to their mothers ... and … 2-1/2 days later when I had them all raving about what they had learned? It's very simple: I taught them …

How To Survive, Prosper

And Kick Ass In The Biker

Bars Of Business And Marketing!

You'd better learn too. You see, in today's dog-eat-dog business environment, there ain't nothing but "biker bars .. out there. These days, there's so much competition in every area of business ... and ... especially in marketing ... that ... you've got to be a stone, flat-out "Marketing Ninja" if you are serious about making serious money. If you truly want to succeed, the training you need ... the training you must undergo ... is BRUTAL!

It's like old age: It's not for sissies.

A long time ago, I met a man I thought I despised. I was in the Army in Fort Knox, Kentucky in basic


He was a little Puerto Rican guy and he was my platoon sergeant. He was very unfair to me. Once, we

were going through tear gas training and my mask slipped off and I got sick. During the march back to camp, I felt so bad I fell down. I figured my sergeant would tell some of the other guys to hold me up and help me make it back.

However, he didn't “exactly" do that. Instead, he yelled to the other guys …

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"Don't stop for him! Walk right over him! Kick him as you go by! KICK HIM!"

I got up and made it all by myself.

He hardly ever let me get any sleep either. Maybe an average of three hours per night. He made me the

"goat" of the platoon. I got all the shitty assignments. No matter how bad I felt, how little sleep I got, he just kept pushing ... pushing ... pushing. I can still remember him yelling at me right after I'd field-stripped my Ml rifle (that dates me, doesn't it?) and was having trouble putting it back together.

This guy just didn't care. Like I said, it didn't matter if I was sick, exhausted from lack of sleep, nauseous from tear gas or what. He just kept pushing, yelling and forcing me to perform.

I hated him. I mean, I really hated him.

Or, so I thought. Until basic training was over (finally, thank God) ... and ... he had a private conversation with me. He told me not to have a bad opinion of myself. That he. didn't. That, during every basic training bootcamp, there is always one guy who gets picked to be the “goat" ... and ... how that guy, always gets pushed harder than the others. How the “goat” sort of sets the standard (in basic training) for what a soldier can endure. He told me he really cared about me. How much he wanted me to make it. How important that was to him.

He was telling the truth.

You know, since that time, I've had to (as I'm sure you have also) walk down many mean streets. For three years I was an MP in Europe operating under extremely stressful conditions. I was selected to go through some very special training at a certain U.S. government "facility" in Oberammagau, Germany ... the existence of which ... is not even dreamed about by any civilians and, very few commanding officers in even the highest echelons of the military. I think maybe I shouldn't write much about that but, I can tell you, the violent types I was introduced to there are far worse than any nightmare you've ever had. I've been a prison guard and a prison inmate. 1•ve gone up against guys with guns, guys with knives ... and once ... I had to cripple a guy twice my size who just simply gave me no other choice.

The problem with all this is, I'm not an especially tough person and this kind of stuff really frightens me. What has been even more scary is standing up to the U.S. government and all the steel-edged, stone-cold, ethically devoid, soulless assholes you encounter when trying to do business in America these days. But, so far (thank God and cross my fingers) I've survived it all. Even prospered every once in a while ... and ... I do believe part of my survival and part of my successes (business, personal and military) can be credited to the "mindset training" I got from that little Puerto Rican drill sergeant.

See, he knew something I didn't: He knew, in real-life, you don't get to yell "Time Out" when you are sick, tired and scared ... and then ... have the enemy cut you some slack. NO! As life teaches us all …

The Enemy Will Rejoice

In And Exploit Your Misery!

So it is in the battlefields of a war and, so it is in the battlefields of business.

At the end of my recent seminar, one man was sobbing. He'd become so emotional he couldn't speak

anymore. Was he angry with me? No, not at all. He was grateful. What I did was, I attacked and demolished a project he was working on which didn't have a prayer of succeeding. I made him “GET IT" right then and there... before... he wasted any more of his time and money. I wrote out on my easel and made him scream the following instructions …

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It wasn't an act of cruelty. It was an act of kindness. And, I'm proud to say he and everyone else in that

seminar room perceived it as such.

I care about my attendees. I care enough to do whatever is necessary to make sure they "get" what they've really got to "get" if they are to succeed.

You know, there were a number of people in that room who have been reading my newsletters and going to my seminars for almost ten years. Every so often, one of them would stand up and say something like this:

''Listen to him, dammit. I had a hard time myself accepting something Gary

told me six years ago. .. but. .. he was right. .. and now. .. I makeover $1,000.000 per year!''

I swell up with pride when people make remarks like that. There's hardly anything else in the world so

rewarding as knowing your words and your work have transfo11ned a person's life for the better. That's what I now want to devote a huge part of my life to doing. I'm ... on fire ... about becoming the best teacher in the world. I especially enjoy helping young people before they are literally ruined by our educational system. My step-daughter, Natalie, is in college in Ithaca, New York. She phoned me recently because she couldn't understand the textbook being used in her class on advertising. I had her read part of it to me and told her …

"This is complete garbage. Anyone who can 'understand' this is stupid and

twisted .. because.'s all wrong... and even. .. moronic!''

My daughter Cindy is a world-renowned marine biologist now doing important research in Germany.

Other scientists come from all over the world to learn from her ... but ... a few years ago, when I audited some of her college classes, I was appalled at the communicative incompetence of her professors.

Kids make it today in spite of what they learn in school ... not ... because of it.

Another of my "daughters," Lorraine Vaquero, is 15 years old and a columnist for the Miami Herald. (In fact, last Wednesday, she had two columns in the paper.) She's a great writer for her age and I don't want for her spark to get smothered ... and so ... I got permission from her parents to let her take some time off school to attend my seminar. And, you know what? Of all the rave testimonials I've been getting about this new seminar, little Lorraine's is the one I treasure most.

Can you even imagine what a departure it was for her to see a raving madman like me teaching a room full of super smart people ... as compared ... to the kind of "schooling” she gets from the "elite" Dade County school system?

I've never had testimonial letters like the ones pouring in from the attendees of this new seminar. I'm

thinking about having them all bound together and literally making a book out of them. Can you imagine …​​​​​​​

Having An Entire Book

Of Nothing But Rave Testimonials?!

Enough. Blowing your own horn is fine but, there should be a limit ... even for me. So, let's get to the

important stuff. Just what was it. .. I taught these people which seems to have literally turned around so many of their lives? Well, first and foremost, I revealed to them what I promised to reveal. Remember that sales

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letter I wrote to get people to come to this seminar? Here's a reminder ... of just I small part ... of what I

promised to deliver when I wrote that letter:



''I'm going to spill my guts. For the first time in my career, I'm going to reveal

everything I know about how to write ''killer'' sales letters. Including, all my special ''dirty

tricks'' that don't give other copywriters even a chance. .. when ... they're up against me! I'm going to teach you ... what to write about ... and ... how to write it. I'm even going to

teach you the exact words to use!

I'm going to teach you how to write brilliant copy. .. even on those days ... when your

mind is frozen.

I'm going to teach you exactly what ''theme'' you should take with different kinds of

sales letters.

You will get a ''masterpiece collection'' of 57 sales letters ... already written and tested ...

that have already been mailed ... and ... pulled in millions of dollars!

Do you have any idea what a collection of masterpiece letters like this is worth? A real,

no-bullshit collection of ''killer'' letters that have made copywriters rich? You won't ever

get a collection of letters like this from anyone else! These are letters you can ''modify''

(I'll teach you how) to work for any mailing campaign you are working on.

I'm going to teach you how to write a sales letter to get yourself a new woman. A new

job. A new client. To jump-start a new business. To sell your house. To ''steal'' a valuable

employee from another company. In short, I'm going to teach you how to write a sales

letter. .. that will get you anything you want!

A few other things I'm going to teach you …

  • How to get hundreds of glowing (and true) testimonials from your customers for free ...

and ... what to do with them to generate even bigger profits!

  • Bow to write your copy so it ''talks-the-talk'' of any group of people to whom you are

sending your sales message. This secret weapon will make even the most skeptical of

your prospects …

Stand In Line

And Beg You To

Take Their Money!

  • A weird (but effective) way to find the mailing lists that are perfect for your

campaigns ... and ... how to test those lists …

Without Mailing A

Single Letter!

  • A truly ''no-brainer'' (yet almost always overlooked) way to ''bump-up'' the size of

your average order by lllo/o or more ... automatically!

  • The exact words you should use to write a money-back guarantee that ... increases

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- Page 6-

sales ... and ... reduces refunds!

  • A ''can't miss'' way to get cash-rich investors to bankroll your projects ... at zero interest!

  • How to immediately find and qualify that special “core group'' of people who will be

the best customers you'll ever have! (It seems nobody but me knows it. .. but. .. there is

always what I call '' the-list-hidden-in-the-list'' that is made up of people who are

starving to buy what you are selling!)

  • A simple way to identify those special mailing lists ... that almost can 't[ail to make a profit! This is so simple, even someone ''brain-dead '' could do it.

  • What kind of music you should always have playing when you are working ... and. .. what exact volume it should be at. NOTE: This will improve the quality of your writing by 9%!

  • What exact temperature the room where you are writing must be. This will give you another edge! (A ''7°/o edge'' to be exact.)

  • Exactly what you must eat (on days when you are writing) ... and ... exactly when you should eat it! (Another '' 4% edge''.)

  • The amazing secret of how to make compiled lists work. These are the biggest lists of all (some have 160 million names) ... and ... when you learn this, your profit potential will expand almost beyond belief?

  • How to create your very own super hot mailing list for spare change... and why ... this could turn into your hottest profit center ever!


Listen up : I delivered on each and every one of those promises ... and ... MUCH MORE! You can ask anybody who was there. But, I went beyond (way beyond) what I promised to deliver. What I actually delivered (in addition to what I promised in the sales letter) was something... far more valuable!

And, it is this "something" that has got everybody frothing at the mouth. Here's part of it: One of the attendees, Larry Lee, a really neat little Oriental guy, asked the following question:

''Gary, what is the one best thing each of us could do to make $1, 000, 000 in 1996?''

I paused to think for a moment ... and then ... I spilled out a step-by-step, high-speed method of exactly what I would do ... if I were starting from zero ... and ... I had to make a million dollars before the end of the year.

You know, I did not anticipate that question and, to come up with the answer, I had to go into my "gun-to-the-head" mode of thinking. This is where I put myself (on an emotional basis) where it feels like someone … for real ... will murder my children if I don't write a winner ... or ... as, in this case, come up with a winning plan.

And guess what else? I didn't even know I knew what I knew ... until ... I was put on the spot by that

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  • Page 7-

question. There was a sense of tension, anticipation and wonderment ... and ... when I finished giving a brilliant answer to that question …

The Entire Room Burst

Into Simultaneous Applause!

There were a lot of surprises at that seminar. Even for me. That room was crackling with electricity.

Nothing compares to the excitement of working with a group of world-class minds and people supercharged with excitement and totally ... ''tuned-in '' and ''turned-on'' ... by what all of us were focusing on!

Then, at the end of the seminar, I pulled out my two biggest surprises. Here's what I said:

''Look, I've just spent three days teaching you how to do it. How to select your project. How to

get your project ready to market. How to select the hottest mailing lists. How to write a

blazingly hot, enormously profitable sales letter. How to get someone else to finance and mail it

for you ... and so on. And now ... I'm gonna make it even easier. In fact, as fa r as humanly

possible ... I'm gonna make your firs t project bullet-proof! Here 's a letter that's already working

that has an almost unlimited potential market. You can have it free ... with no fee to me

whatsoever. And, right here are the mailing lists you can use (on peel-and-stick labels) which

I've already paid for. So , not only have I taught you how to create a killer sales letter, I'm even

giving you one already finished .. I'm giving it to you free ... and .. I'm also giving you the names

to mail the letters to ... so ... this means …

'' You Can Actually Go Home!

And Have Your Business

Up And Running In 72 Hours! ''

Hey, how about that for a hot way to end a seminar? But ... l wasn't finished yet. See, I've learned we all

need a steady stream of new techniques, and reminders of what we already know ... and … "nourishment" from like-minded people. So, I told all my attendees about my upcoming advanced seminar which is going to happen in July ... and how …

All Of Them Get

To Come Free!

I want you to have all this too. Listen: I've given two of these new type of seminars. I didn't video tape the first one ... but ... I ended up being sorry I didn't. Yo u see, when I experienced the audience's reaction to what I was revealing to them...

I Realized I Wanted

All My Subscribers To Have

This Info!

So, I had the second seminar video taped ... and ... audio taped. I had it done by pros too. Sure, it cost a

small fortune to both video tape and audio tape this seminar ... but ... you'll see why the outrageous expense was worth it when you see your tapes. The crew had the look, quality and equipment of a well-financed Hollywood shoot. There were three (3) Sony Super VHS cameras, with operators on cameras B and C and a professional director handling the stationary camera (A) ... plus ... the three (3 ) monitors which were "docked" into the Panasonic AV E 7 Audio/Visual Mixer (and subsequently fed into the latest Panasonic 198 A/V Recording Deck.) We had all the bells and whistles going at full tilt ... which means ... what you see is not only clear and bright in full color ... but also ... expertly edited for maximum coherence and understanding. That is critically important, because there is ... so much ... content here. Someone mentioned that, with me going

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- Page 8 -

almost 10 hours a day for three full days . .. there would almost have to be some “soft spots" where he could relax and stop taking notes. "But, there weren't any." he later said.

It's true. Every minute you see on these video tapes is vital . . . and . . . lovingly cataloged for you in the most convenient way possible. As you shall soon see, actually being there in the room was an emotionally and physically charged experience. But, watching these tapes let's you control the excitement and incoming information with absolute precision. That's a huge learning-curve advantage the attendees didn't enjoy. Its also the single best reason (one of them, at least) I could ever give you to get these tapes right now!

The director was a seasoned pro too ... the "live .. edit he did was so right on, the seminar comes across

almost as smooth as a scripted show. That's important because there are 12 video tapes in this package . .. and even though they have been thoroughly "de-bugged" through the all-new Beta Digital Editing equipment at the infamous Accord Productions facilities in Miami . . . (they have the most advanced technology available in video "sweetening") . . . it may at first seem a daunting task to find the motivation to get into the tapes. But, that feeling will vanish the instant you turn on your video player. In fact, the way these tapes have been put together, I guarantee you'll be sucked in from the first minutes. They flow like satin . . . because ... the final editing bay process allowed the technicians to adjust all audio levels, add clarity to what you see, and even add voice-overs and "kyrons" (those little blurbs of copy you see written on the screen) which will help you know when major points are being discussed . . . as well as help you better understand what's being said.

All this will make your viewing and learning experience more comfortable and ... even more coherent … than if you were sitting right there next to me at the seminar, in person! They miked me up with a Shure pro-quality cordless lavaliere ... so . . . you can hear every whisper I uttered. (Something most of the attendees often missed.) There were constant distractions at the seminar too. The attendees couldn't hit the "pause" button and go to the bathroom, or get a drink of water, or listen to whatever insanity their neighbor was discharging into their ear while I was talking. The attendees were constantly swamped with stimuli, which was exciting and good for on-the-spot learning . . . but ... they often missed things too. However . . .

You Won't Miss

A Second!

There were surprises for me, too, in these tapes. Because, you see, there were four "ambient" microphones spread around the room. Therefore, there isn't a question, comment or rude muttering that gets lost. Watching these tapes, you are not j ust a "fly on the wall" ... it's more like you are God, with the nearly omnipotent power to hear everything ... see everything ... and know everything from an insider's viewpoint. And if you miss anything, all you have to do is rewind and see it again.

And, what you'll see isn't the old "guerrilla" style of video I used to use. This entire seminar is recorded on high-quality S-VHS tape. That's the new stuff with three times the resolution clarity of regular VHS, and twice that of High-8 video. In fact, this new stock is so clear, many of the professional Hollywood studios are switching to it from Beta (the "old" state-of-the-art stock.) This is top-of-the-line recording at every stage, and it was worth the cost because ... it makes these videos such a real pleasure to watch . . . offering you the smoothest learning experience you've ever had in your life!

By the way, I advertised for "SPEED DEMON TYPISTS” in the Miami Herald, got 199 replies and, I'm having the best typists in Miami transcribe every word spoken at that seminar.

Plus, of course, I've had more complete sets of the "Masterpiece Letters" and all the other pass-out

materials printed up.

Are you starting to get the idea that maybe I take this most recent seminar more seriously than I have taken seminars in the past? If so . . . YOU ARE RIGHT!

Here's why : Look, a couple months ago when I gave the first "How To Write A Sales Letter That Will Make You Rich” .. seminar, I did not have it video taped. I didn't even have it professionally audio taped. I did

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- Page 9 -

have it audio taped with a little Mickey Mouse Radio Shack type set-up so I could listen to it myself as a kind of reminder of all the stuff I talked about and all the questions I was asked at that first seminar.

And, you know, while I was driving in my car, listening to the playback of those Mickey Mouse audio

tapes, I heard something (actually, I heard it over and over) that changed me from the inside-out. This was the first seminar I'd ever given ... where . . . I held back nothing ... and . . . instead of trying to please the audience and tell them what they "thought" they needed to know ....

I Taught Them What

They Really Needed To Know!

What I did for that first audience of seminar attendees is much like what that brutal little Puerto Rican drill sergeant did for me. He "got" to me. In ways that have benefited me all the rest of my life. And, as I listened to the scratchy tapes of that first seminar, I suddenly came to realize ... that ... what I have to teach ... IF ... I do not hold back. .. can. Literally...

Transform People's Lives!

And now, I have, I believe, found my "mission" in life. It may sound corny but, I really love making a

difference. In all honesty, I believe what I have to share with people is totally unique, extremely valuable . . .and . .. available nowhere else on earth!

Did you know: All of us, on average, have to have something communicated to us 1 7 times before we

really "own" the info being communicated. It's also best, if the infor1nation is really important, we get it from all different sensory inputs.

We Need To Hear It!

We Need To See It!

We Need To Read It!

We Need To Write It!

We Need To Experience It!

So, that's why, when I decided to "capture" everything about this last seminar, I went all out. You know, it costs me much more to deliver this info to you in a package like this . . . than ... it would cost me if you had come to the seminar. But, that's OK ... because ... I have put together a "package" designed to force you to "get-it" and, like it did for my attendees . . .

It Will Change Your Life!

I want to send you everything: The twelve (12) video tapes, the twelve (12) audio tapes, the written

transcript of every word uttered at the seminar, the complete collection of the 57 "Masterpiece Letters" which you can use as a "template" for any letter you need to create ... plus ... I want to send you the "ready-to-go” letter that's already been tested ... and ... 1 ,000 names on "peel-and-stick" labels so …

You Can Be In Business

For Yourself Instantly!

By the way, just in case you are wondering, the cash-flow from that ready-to-go letter will go . . .

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- Page 10 -

directly to you!

This way, I can make absolutely certain you know what it “feels" like to know... really know ... that ... you can transform ... words into wealth! I can tell you this: If you haven't experienced it before, having money come directly to you. .. because of. .. letters you personally dropped in the mail. .. is a thrill. .. like nothing else in the world!

I also want you to come, as my guest, to my super-advanced July seminar designed to help my seminar

attendees and tape buyers (like you) "sweeten" and tune-up or, at least get started, your own profitable mail order business which (if you choose) you can run from your own kitchen table. Then, for the rest of your life …

You Can Just Laugh

At What Used To Be Your

Money Worries!

Can you imagine what it would be like to never again have to kiss anybody's ass ... or. .. do anything ... you don't want to do, in order to get money? Can you imagine having a business that brings in thousands of orders every day .. . and ... running it from your kitchen table, your bedroom or, even your back yard ... with ... zero employees? You can have it.


STOP MESSING AROUND WITH YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW ! This is the real, no-bullshit way to

financial independence. My attendees are raving about this seminar even though …

  1. They had to pay round-trip airfare to come!

  1. They had to take time off from their own businesses or jobs!

  1. They had to pay hotel and other travel expenses!

  1. Plus, of course, they had to pay the $2,700.00 tuition fee for the seminar!

But all you have to pay to get all the video tapes, audio tapes and pass-out materials is the tuition fee. Does $2,700 seem like a lot of money to you for a bunch of tapes and a collection of letters and other written materials? Yeah, it is. .. if. .. you are silly enough to look at it as simply paper and ink, plastic and magnetic tape. But, that is not what this is. What this is. .. is ... the culmination of my life's work. .. and …

Your Key To

Financial Independence!

I want you to have this material. I am very passionate about it. Like I said, I now know l1ve found my

"mission" in life. I've had some extra phone lines installed which come through a special toll-free 800 number which comes directly to my offices_ You can use that number to order with your Visa or MasterCard for the fastest service humanly possible.

Or, if you prefer, you can pay by check. Just make it payable to "XXXXXXXXXX Publishing” ... and ... you

can use the self-addressed reply envelope enclosed with this letter. And, now …

Here's The Clincher!

Look, I myself am not cash-rich right now. Just the opposite. However, I know what I've got here ... and ... I know that I will be rich again (for the 87th time) by the end of this year.

But, if you want me to, I will not process your credit card order . . . or ... deposit your check ... until 3 1 -days

(go to page 11)

- Page 11 -

after I have shipped you (by overnight delivery) everything that comes in this amazing package. Then, if you honestly feel it isn't worth 1 ,000 times what I'm charging you . . . just call or write my office and tell us you were disappointed. And then …

Your Check Will Never Be Cashed!


Your Credit Card Will

Never Be Charged!

And guess what else? I won't even ask you to return the tapes and the written materials. All that will be

yours to keep free for the rest of your life. I won't argue with you for a second. In fact, you won1 t even have to talk to or write to me. You can give the message to anyone in my office.

What will I do if you decide not to pay for this material?

Not much, really. I'll just stop sending you my newsletter and, I'll simply make sure I never do business

with you again.

And, here's something else: $2,700 is a lot of money for a lot of people even if. . .

They Don't Have To

Pay It For 31-Days!

Therefore, if that's the case with you, just tell Nicole when you order . . . and . . . we'll bend over backwards to work out a monthly payment plan which will not be a hardship on you,​​​​​​​

Do you realize what I'm doing here? I'm putting it right in your face. Opportunity will never knock on your door like this again. Certainly not from me.

One more thing: You know that "ready-to-go" letter I'm going to send you? Along with those 1 ,000 names on peel-and-stick labels you can mail that letter to? Here's how that works : All you have to do is have a tiny part of that letter re-typed so the cash-flow comes to you. Then, you've gotta take that letter to a local printer and have 1 ,000 of them printed up. Then, you've got to put those 1,000 peel-and-stick labels on 1,000 envelopes (you can get them at a drug store, for Christ's sake), put the letters in the envelopes, put stamps on them and mail them out and …


You Are In Business!

But wait. What if the mailing fails to make a profit? Well, I don•t hardly think that's going to happen . . .but . . . if it does . . .

I'll Reimburse You For

Every Penny You Lost!

By the way, it'll only cost you about $500.00 to mail those 1 ,000 letters . . . and . . . you're only gonna need three (3) orders to make a profit.

Now, remember . . .

(go to page 12)

- Page 12 -

  1. You can post-date your check for 31-days or, simply ask us to hold it for that length of time!

  2. You can ask us to not charge your Visa or MasterCard for 31-days!

  3. You can examine the materials, decide it's not worth the money ... and …

    never ... pay for it. .. and ... keep it anyway!

  1. You can have any kind of reasonable monthly payment schedule your little

    heart desires!

  2. You can mail those 1,000 ''ready-to-go'' letters at my risk ... and ... if you

  3. make a profit ... you can keep mailing that letter to other names for as long as you want!

Now, let's get real. If you do not respond to this offer, you ain't never gonna make a move. Do yourself a favor. Stop reading my newsletters. Stop reading newsletters and books published by other people. Stop ordering audio and video tapes or any other kind of information from anybody.

Just accept the fact ... you're just a .. wanna-be" and a dreamer. Hey, there's nothing really wrong with that. It's not like you're an axe-murderer or something, is it? Relax. Go get yourself some beer and popcorn, tum on the tube and "veg-out."

But, don't expect more from me. I mean seriously . .. what else can I do? I'm teaching you how to do it . . . plus . . . with the "ready-to-go" letter, I'm doing it for you ... plus .. . it is me that is taking all the risk.

Order this package . . . right now!


and be sure to ask for Nicole




 Gary C. Halbert

"Modesty Personified”


P.S. We need you to call even if you are going to pay by check . .. because .. . that will help us keep our tape duplication and printing costs under control. Thank you.

P.P.S. By the way, this offer is only available for the next 11-days.


----- End Gary Halbert Letter -----

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