Why Gary Halbert’s Personal Ad Makes For Such a Unique & Powerful Copy Lesson

Ever ask yourself what makes people stand out to you.

What makes you choose one person over another... when... everyone LOOKS pretty much the same.

What dry cleaner, which CPA... what general contractor... which personal assistant...

And it gets especially nerve racking when the decision you make could have dramatic consequences if you get it wrong.

What stock broker... which doctor... what baby sitter...

When making important decisions like these, you are looking for critical clues to help you make informed choices... just like your potential clients probably do when considering choosing you.

It's just a guess, but I bet you probably look for people with real experience...

You probably don't want a doctor who got his degree from a medical correspondence school in a third world country.

Or a broker who thinks the best way to make investment decisions is to throw darts at stock tables.

And... I'm also gonna guess you want to align yourself with someone you can trust...

In this area you probably don't want a housekeeper who keeps eying your silverware. Or a baby sitter who drives an ice cream truck

These things are important to you because... if you get it wrong... in terms of time,money, mental and emotional distress... they could be very costly to you. 

If you think about it... one of the biggest judgment calls we make, isn't actually when we are choosing to do business with someone.

No, the biggest judgment calls we are ever likely to make is when we are choosing the people we will spend the most time with.

Think about it, when the product is you, and the product is someone else, isn't that when you are the most critical about the decisions you make. Because if you make the wrong decision... it can be the most most painful, most expensive, most emotional and biggest waste of time in your life.

The Stakes Don't Get Any Higher

The process of finding that special girlfriend or boyfriend and selling yourself to the one person you want... makes attracting new clients and business look like child's play.

Getting past the barriers of someone who's experiences may have left them feeling bitter, burned,skeptical, cautious and fearful, is one of the hardest sales jobs you can ever take on. Sound like familiar challenges you face when attracting new clients?

And what about that hottie you have your eye on... the one everyone else is watching too? What do you thinks it takes to get in closer and build better rapport than every other suitor vying for attention.

If you are Gary Halbert you are NOT going to go about it like everyone else.

If you act the same as everyone else... you are only going to get what everyone else gets... namely frustrated and rejected.

But, we know doing as everyone else does just isn't Gary Halbert's style.

No, his style, whether its selling perfume or himself to women, is to swoop in from above and take what he wants before anyone even knows what's happened.

He knows doing something different can dramatically change the odds in your favor. After all.. why would you model your marketing after and an old and tired approach that gets dismal results when you can make a splash and...

Make Your Marketing An Event

Gary is no fool... he didn't throw out the marketing basics in this ad.

The basics of human behavior.

No way, instead he did the opposite...

He Amped Them Up!

Now, if you are very savvy, you can see Gary's personal ad has every critical selling element he puts to use in ALL of his ads.

He uses:


A lead in sentence


The power of “The Nod”


If/then statements

Future pacing (even though he never used that term)


Provocative Sub-heads

Power words


Managing expectations


Value creation

Addressing objections

Take aways

Getting into “We” mode (us against them)

A call to action

A close

Ordering Instructions

And so on...

All though they are stealthier in this ad... all the usual suspects are here.

But there is even more... because when the product is YOU, Its even MORE critical that your prospects FEEL they know, like and trust you. And, in this ad the Prince of Print takes this to a whole new level.

What Makes This ad Different?

There are three major differences which make this ad stand out from all of his other work.

The first is story telling...

Yes, Gary has mastered the art of selling with story, but this time it's different.

This is a personal ad and boy do his stories get personal.

He writes in a way that shocks the reader and immediately starts building trust and a strong bond.

In most ads, he writes in someone else's voice. But in this ad, his first-person story telling, goes DEEP into personal detail.

Because... like I said before, this is one of the most important decisions the reader will ever make.

And , the more important the decision... the more details(personal) the prospect wants the writer to bebefore they make a decision.

The second thing that makes this ad very different is the use of humor. He breaks all the rules using a LOTof humor which breaks the ice and puts the reader on his side.

The third reason is.. this ad employs rapport building... like no other ad I've ever seen before. None of his other work went this far. And this ad has the strongest conversational tone of any of his previous promotions.

This is probably... other than his newsletters... the most creative ad copy he's ever written.

And his instincts were right on the money, because it worked like gangbusters. His mailbox was flooded with letters from women asking to meet him.

He was even interviewed about his ad on four deifferent radio stations.

Now for some fun...

I want to ask you a question and see if you can guess what the answer is...

In copywriting and marketing terminology... what kind of ad is this?

I'll give you a clue...

Gary was advertising for a girl but not just any girl.

He wanted a girl who

Was fit

Had a great sense of humor

Was sexy

And had the right mindset

I'll give you another hint...

What kind of ad was the Jay Abraham ad Bond and I broke down...

If you guessed...

A Qualified Lead Generation Ad...


You are absolutely right!

With qualified lead generating ads, you are trying to get as many leads as possible. But... you are also just as concerned with getting...


More time and money can be wasted seperateing the wheat from the chaff looking for the right kind of clients in a sea of leads.

The whole purpose of a qualified lead gen is for readers to qualify or disqualify themselves while reading the ad.

As people continue reading the copy, they get more interested and excited as they realize they are still in the running.

When they get to the end of the ride... and still qualify... prospect's feel like it's time to go claim their prize by offering to do business with the advertiser.

Here's another powerful secret of good lead gen ads...

If you do it right... the reader knows they don't have to take what you are saying personally...

After all... the two of you have never met.

This brings down their guard and makes the potential clients more receptive of the points you are trying to make.

And everyone knows...

It's Harder To Get Someone To Say "Yes" AFTER They've Already Said "No"

But here's the real beauty is a well-written lead gen ad in essence says...

"If you respond to my ad, you understand we will will do business in a particular way... and more importantly... with a certain mindset."

This sets the stage for a warm, positive and non-confrontational first contact.

And the more you define these terms in your copy the less repetitive work you will have to do with each of your prospects when they respond... just be careful not to be so selective that you end up with too few responses.

And in Gary Halbert's personal ad... he covers so much ground in the copy... there's little else the prospects have to do... other than write and ask if he will meet with them.

And just in case you don't know...

Qualified lead gen ads aren't only about the reader selling themselves to the advertiser.

No the advertiser MUST first sell themselves to the prospect on why they should want to pursue the advertiser... IF they qualify.

If you'd like to learn the secrets to one of the best “qualified lead generation” ads in history...

If you'd like to learn how to remotely use copy to break down you prospects biggest barriers...

Copy that sells on the deepest levels of psychology and human behavior...

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Kevin Halbert

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