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Track #15 Tugboats Full Version (Feat. Bond Halbert & Jay Abraham)

Bond Halbert & Jay Abraham - Tug Boats
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Halbert Letter All-Star Audio Series


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Bond Halbert & Jay Abraham - Tug Boats
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Pick up Part 1-2-3 of The Gary Halbert Letter All-Star Audio Series and get free instant access to the full (online print version) of the unpublished Gary Halbert Letter "Tugboats."


hlasredwithwhitebackground Who Was
Gary C. Halbert?

He was almost unknown outside the marketing world (except for some of his work with famous Hollywood celebrities, such as Ernest and Tova Borgnine)... but... he was the “Elvis Presley” of the direct response marketing and copywriting world.

In fact, you still see his influence everywhere people are making money in direct response.

In his twenties, Gary Halbert worked small Midwest towns as a traveling door-to-door encyclopedia salesman... before... working as a salesman with Pitney-Bowes and Standard Oil of Ohio. While working at Standard Oil, he became very interested—actually, obsessed—with direct mail.

After struggling through a few failed tests following “The Rules” of the then current-day “experts”, out of necessity, Gary invented “Gun-To-The-Head-Marketing”... and... used it to write what would become the most widely mailed sales letter in history.

A letter which had not only the distinction of being mailed close to 1 Billion times… but also… of being…

Mailed To Almost Every Household
In America Nearly 7 Times!

That truly launched the “Legend of Gary Halbert”... and then... he cemented it by continuing to defy the “experts” and industry norms and smash sales record after sales record with his many seminal breakthrough ideas and cleverly-crafted copy!

Halbert wrote record-smashing newspaper ads, magazine ads, web copy, direct mail pieces, infomercials, phone scripts and just about anything and everything where words are used to sell.

Even more impressive, Gary wrote record-breaking advertisements in more categories than any other copywriter in recent memory.

He wrote winning promotions in finance, cosmetics, diet, real estate, self-help, marketing, collectibles, genealogy, chiropractic, dentistry, water filtration and more. The list goes on and on... but… all those accomplishments are still not his greatest contribution to the world of marketing and copywriting.

After racking up so many winners, selling so many different types of goods and services, in so many different types of media, Gary decided to create the first newsletter to dish out real-world advice from one of the best marketers and copywriters on Earth.

And, he titled it (cleverly enough)...

The Gary Halbert Letter

He launched the very first issue in the go-go 80’s (September 1, 1986, to be exact).

Back then, a one-year subscription cost $195.00 (which was unheard of at the time).

However, in 2001 in an effort to give back for all his good fortune, he took his (by then) world-famous newsletter online and began giving away the best marketing and copywriting advice for free.

Soon, all the pros started copying his headlines, bullets, closing copy, offers... and now... to this day, you see his words being used in sales copy everywhere.

In fact, the beginning of Gary’s famous dollar-bill letters is almost certainly the most replicated piece of opening sales copy in the world of direct-mail. Even after he passed away, has enjoyed a huge following and is more popular than ever for a reason. And that reason is...

They Are Addictive!

Gary Halbert’s mark is everywhere because so many marketers around the world learned part of their craft directly from Mr. Halbert... or... they learned the business from mentors who learned their best secrets from Gary.

This is why so many of today’s top direct marketers refer to Gary as the original “Copywriting Guru”... or even...

The Guru To The Gurus!

Top ad writer Paris Lampropoulos may have put it best when he said...

"In the world of copywriting,
all roads lead back to Gary Halbert."

And it's true!

Gary Halbert is single-handily responsible for having inspired and launched the careers of more of today’s top money-making copywriters than anyone in history... and now... the community which he served so well is paying him back with this audio tribute series.

What Is The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series?

A lot of people prefer to hear information as opposed to reading it, so we asked his fans which issue of The Gary Halbert Letter had the most impact on their careers.

We took that list and added a few more great letters to give the listeners a variety of issues which represent the best of the whole series.

Next, we started asking top copywriters if they would each record themselves reading an issue of The Gary Halbert Letter.

Everyone we spoke to jumped at the chance to honor Gary. We then assigned letters based on each copywriter’s specialized skill or knowledge... and... in some cases, we let them read their favorite issue.

What’s In The Letters?

We told each expert reader they could add any commentary they wished and what we got back was truly incredible.

Some of the readers told Gary Halbert stories and some explained what the letters meant to them.

Others explained how these tactics are still being used by entrepreneurs to make a lot of money, today.

Best of all, many of the readers added their own advice about the topic covered in the letter, making the series a must have for even the longest- running Gary Halbert fans.

After listening to the tracks it immediately became apparent why these writers are renowned as the best of the best.

I rarely use the word Epic but that is exactly what this is...

It’s Epic Beyond Belief!

Even our intro man, modern-day ace copywriter, Kevin Rogers said…

“Hearing these master marketers and copywriters each read a letter and tell what they personally took from the series, makes it feel like I’m experiencing the letters for the first time all over again and in a whole new light.”

The letters chosen offer a detailed explanation of what top ad writers really focus on... as well as... sharing specific tactics and what it really takes to write winning copy.

If you can imagine a wide variety of entrepreneurs somehow got an hour of Gary’s time to ask him anything they needed to know, these are the issues that would answer most of those questions.
And, to make this extra special for long time fans, the series...


Here’s just a small sampling of the what’s revealed in this first batch of recordings.

  • A complete and never-before-posted issue of The Gary Halbert Letter very few people have ever heard or read.
  • How to get your mail open and read! (You’ll hear Gary’s famous A-Pile/B-Pile speech. This is the secret that helped him create the most widely mailed sales letter of all time! This letter had not only the distinction of being mailed close to 1 Billion times… but also… of being mailed to almost every household in America nearly 7 TIMES!)
  • The single best advantage any business owner can have! (It’s so simple, yet almost everyone overlooks it.)
  • A complete, detailed breakdown of a winning Gary Halbert ad… and… the insider secrets that made it work so well!
  • Gary’s fast-track path to writing effective copy for a living.
  • How top pros write killer headlines, fast… and… how you can do it too!
  • How to crush it using direct mail in 2015. (For many savvy marketers, direct mail is actually working better today than it ever has!)
  • The sordid details of Gary’s infamous and scandalous life… including… how he went from being a military policeman… to self-made multi-millionaire… to prison inmate… to self-made multi-millionaire yet again!
  • What it really takes to write breakthrough promotions. (Hint: The actual writing has very little to do with it!)
  • 7 hidden lessons inside Gary’s famous newsletter issue, “The Big Idea”. (Gary only mentioned them, but his son Bond exposes them in intricate detail in only the way he can… because… he was there and lived them!)
  • How true professional copywriters gear up to write. (Inspiration has little to nothing to do with it… and… once you discover their secret, you’ll never experience writer’s block again!)
  • A secret trick pros use to create irresistible hooks that reach out and grab the prospect “by the lapels” and literally force them to pay attention!
  • Behind the scenes (and mostly untold) stories from Gary’s closest allies and cohorts.
  • How the concepts behind old-school salesmanship are being adopted and adapted to dominate the online marketing landscape right now! (The savviest online marketers know human nature never changes. They just make a few tweaks to what’s always worked… and… rake in the cash hand-over-fist!)
  • How to create a “swipe file” of good print ads and sales letters today. (This is important, because offline winners that run over and over are way more reliable than what someone “claims” is working online.)
  • How to create killer sales messages… without… writing a single word!
  • Why the fastest writing is often the best writing!
  • The one secret nearly ALL top copywriters used to get to the top of their profession as fast as humanly possible!
  • An amazing quote by the late Jerry Buchanan that tells you how to make your writing crystal clear and as compelling as possible!
  • Why you should not start your sales messages with a question!
  • An exception to the “long copy always wins” advice!

Just remember this isn’t even half of the pages and pages of bulleted highlights.


Who Are The All-Stars?

While it would be impossible to measure, there is no doubt the combined total sales these elite copywriters are responsible for can only be measured in the billions of dollars!

In fact, these marketing and copywriting mavens are living proof the principles and tactics outlined in the Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series work... and...

They Work Right Now!

Many of these gentlemen are best-selling authors and marketing legends in their own right.

Google any of the names on the reader list and you will begin to see why this is such an historic collaboration.

This many top marketers and copywriters have NEVER worked together on anything like this ever before!

In fact, I don’t think this many top writers have collaborated on anything before this, and this is just the first batch of letters.

Why Get It Now?

If you get both Volume I, II and III, you are entitled to receive the full written version of yet another un-posted issue of The Gary Halbert Letter called “Tugboats”... which Jay Abraham read an excerpt from for our promotion.

Also, if you get the entire album, save your receipt to get in on the online party celebrating the launch of the series where there will be prizes.

Some of it is still top secret... but... I know we will be raffling off some super-rare, original printed issues of the newsletter which come right from Gary’s personal stash of back issues.

We’ll also share some never-seen-before pictures and hilarious, almost unbelievable, but 100% true Gary Halbert stories which added to his legend.

As we promote the series through interviews, ads and seminars, we will also be offering different bonuses to new crowds of marketers and copy-cubs... and... if you buy the entire series during the “launch” phase...

You Are Entitled To Every
Bonus We Add In The Future!

To see a current list of bonuses and how to prove your purchase, just go to...
Why Help Spread The Word?

As time goes by, our intention is to fill in the gaps and get more marketing and copywriting superstars to read the rest of the letters from the series in the order they were written.

If “The Gary Halbert All-Star Audio Series” gets enough attention, we can get more and more of them to add input and make this...

The Greatest Audio Series On
The Subject Of Copywriting Ever!

So, if you would, please help us spread the word!

Tell your audience about the series. Share this page in any of your social media outlets. Do whatever you can to spread the word because The Gary Halbert Letter belongs to all of us.