How To Go From Scrounging For Jobs To Being A Highly Paid and Respected Top Copywriter, Even If You Don’t Deserve It!

Halbertizing is giving copywriters all the skills and opportunities they need to become highly paid full-time freelance copywriter as fast you want to go!

Are you a copywriter looking to get your first gig or stop looking for enough work to go full time?

Does all the advice you get on building a high paying copywriting career make your head spin and hard to decide what path to take or…

Do you simply want to stop playing in the minor leagues and want to get that magic something which gives top copywriters so much respect and status, they never have to compete for copywriting jobs.

If you really want to jump start your copywriting career and stop spending most of your time looking for work, Halbertizing is the program anyone can afford which gives you all the tools you need to climb the ladder of the copywriting world faster than any other course or program.

When most people start out wanting to be a copywriter, they think clever writing skills is enough and after reading a few books they can jump into the business and soon everyone will discover they are the next Gary Halbert but nothing could be further than the truth.

The reality is you need training.

I don’t think you need to be made to break down and cry like some military bootcamp but you do need to face…

Three Key Truths To Becoming A Great Copywriter


Key Truth #1– Copywriting training is NOT enough.

In Halbertizing we also give you all the insider tricks you need to to be a true direct marketing expert.

Armed with this expertise, you can climb the copywriting ladder faster and get more work by showing clients how to grow their businesses which gets higher commissions, brings you more testimonials and gets you more gigs which brings lots of recognition.

Key Truth #2– You need to be shown how to get copywriting jobs. In Halbertizing we have helped copywriters get their first jobs as well as gigs with Agora. In fact, when Agora’s number one division Money Map looks for new copywriters, Halbertizing members are getting first crack at landing those highly respected jobs but they are not just handed to anyone which leads to the last key.

In Halbertizing we show you how to land everything from your first job to impressing the best marketers but you must do the work.

Key Truth #3– You must take control of your own destiny. If job offers come up, you must apply. We even show you how to go make opportunities which is easy once you can prove to business owners you know all the direct marketing skills we give you but as the song says YOU have to bust a move.

We give you all the tools to start getting paid as you learn but you must take the steps to climb the stairway to greatness.

Since you are here reading this, you already know The Halbert brother are far more than just the sons of a legendary copywriter but here are a few things you may not know about why you want to get your high level training from me.

If you only know a little about Bond, you would be justified in asking…

Just who is Bond Halbert and what has he done?

That’s a fair question and here is the answer.

Bond has made several industry breakthroughs others have copied with great success and here is a short list of those accomplishments:

– Copychiefed promotions that broke records for giant companies like Agora.

– Changed the email marketing world by inventing and showing Internet marketers how to get primary email addresses and thus get higher open rates.

– Built the business which brought Gary Halbert more money than any other promotion or business he was ever been involved in.

– Wrote the very first book on editing sales copy so qualified prospects feel compelled to read every word of your promotions.

– Developed the hack which gets Amazon to send emails promoting your products to their own list which means you get more sales without spending a dime.

– Taught A-list copywriters in the most competitive environments tricks they still keep secret and use to stay way ahead of the pack.

Even his dad’s famous and most successful proteges call on Bond for big ideas, and copy advice which is actually why he started Halbertizing.

What is Halbertizing and what is in the program?

That’s a great question and it has a lot to do with what Bond calls…

My Damaging Admission!

“I’ve spent years behind the scenes teaching top copywriters editing tricks and revealing my own secret process for writing great bullets and shared compelling closing arguments nobody has ever heard before.

But, even though direct response marketing is in my DNA, it doesn’t mean I like to build companies or work for clients.

I like working smart, not hard. My books suck in more money than the books of many big name copywriters I know and I am only interested in two things.

First, I love making breakthroughs.

The trainings inside of Halbertizing contain systems for writing unique and effective copy which were invented by me.

If you or anyone else have ever heard any of the secrets revealed in Halbertizing it’s because someone else I taught shared them.

We also have templates and we show you all the ropes any other copy coach would but, I always add something unique and extra tactics proven to give you an advantage over other professional copywriters.

The other thing I like is to teach what nobody else really dives into or maybe they just don’t teach it well.

So one day I got an idea to give a free training on copywriting research.

This is…

How Halbertizing Started

It’s really well known that all the power in your marketing comes from research but it is just like editing.

Everyone tells you to do the research and editing but nobody explains in detail how to edit sales copy or shares the entire research process until I started showing students how to discover the exact words your customers need to hear in order to buy.

So, to kick off this training, I went into our main Facebook group and told everyone who wanted to see exactly how to do copywriting research to join another group.

The reason I made them join another group is I didn’t want there to be any distractions from other posts.

In that second group, I gave what everyone who watched the video said was…

The Best Training On Copywriting Research Ever!

At the end of the presentation I told everyone I will be doing more unique trainings which will be recorded and made into individual products but if they wanted in on those secrets they should join a third paid group I called Halbertizing.

There were 500 views when I took the video down and over 170 people joined.

More people tried to sign up but since I promised Halbertizing members Kevin I would go over their copy and help everyone with big ideas, I shut down the portal to join because I wanted to make sure everyone could get a lot of personal attention.

Since then, the group has been a secret little training program where members have been getting insider access to the best working copywriters and other direct response marketing experts in the business.

Here Is What Comes With Your Membership


Copywriting Trainings


Three Headline Systems-

Headlines are the the first thing every copy course, mentor, and program teaches so it is always great when you have more tools than the other copywriters have.

Most marketing experts have only one system for writing headlines (which are usually based on tired old ads from many years ago). In Halbertizing we give you three systems (AND templates) to write the kind of headlines and landing page titles which force prospects to stop what they are doing and pay attention. Use them in your emails, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Amazon Titles, and any promotion you create.

All other programs focus mostly on curiosity and benefits but the are only 2 of at least 11 elements which you should consider injecting into your headlines to make them stronger.

One of these three systems is a simple formula which has made millions in sales. And I’ll show you how to get potential buyers to ignore all other ads (including the best ones) until they have read your sales message.

These easy-to-use systems take zero talent and best of all, you will never be stuck waiting around for inspiration to hit. In fact, as soon as you are done watching these headline writing systems work, you will never worry about coming up with an effective headline in time for any deadline.

Actuallyn just adding an extra element or two the other copywriters were never taught to think about, has often been the key to our members beating the controls written by famous copywriting gurus.

The Copywriting World’s Most Complete Research Training-


This is no exaggeration. The positive feedback we continue to receive is astounding.

There are two parts of the copywriting process which give a complete newbie the opportunity to beat ANY top copywriter and one of those areas is research.

Except for just two, every A-Level copywriter I’ve every met gets lazy once they settle into a niche and can command large fees.

They are so sure, they know all there is to know about a market they work in, they miss subtle but key changes in attitudes or the new reasoning behind why customers buy so these research skills and a willingness to do research is Guaranteed To Keep You On Top!

Screw creative genius.

Creativity is great but once you follow the steps in this section of Halbertizing your copy will write itself and all you have
to do is put the right pieces of effective copy in the proper order.

This one presentation alone is worth an entire year’s membership because when you finish watching, you will know…

  • How to find the exact words your customers need to hear to buy from you.

  • How to get potential buyers to know, like, and trust your company more than others.

  • How to write highly persuasive ads using the words of real customers so the ads write themselves.

The Bullet Matrix-

Bullets– Because the headline, bullets, and PS are the most read parts of any copy, your bullets need to be awesome and once you know my secret system, your bullets will convince people to buy.

Everyone lists the features and the benefits of those features but we will show you how to make your customers think about the benefits of what you sell in a way which will amp up their desire to as close to irresistible as anyone can get and…

This System Is Unknown To 99% of Professional Copywriters!

Killer Closing Copy Arguments– Her is your second best opportunity to beat top copywriters working today because only a handful have ever even been studied closing arguments which are the key to making the most sales possible.

If you’d like to kick potential buyers off the fence so they land in your sales funnel, it’s important for you to know closing arguments that convert well.

In this module, I reveal a very rare irresistible closing argument which shatters all objections a customer may have which Gary himself shared only with me for closing high ticket offers.

After you see this amazing killer close, we show you how to make custom closing arguments that will have clients and other copywriters scratching their heads trying to figure out why your ads pull in more sales than anything else they tested because…

Just adding one custom closing argument to a moderately successful ad can turn a losing promos into  runway hits. This secret ingredient led to Gary Halbert’s massive success!

Super Subject Lines And 5 Step Email Sequence Pioneered By Bond- The best email marketers in the world have used this system pioneered by Bond to get a 30% boost in their open rates.

This subject line system is so good, Bond used it to shatter his own father’s record with a whopping 52% open rate on an unscrubbed list with tens of thousands of names built up over decades. If he can do that with a stale list, imagine what you can accomplish with fresh names on your list.

This method also reduces unsubscribes so the email list will continue to provide you and your clients with a steady stream of sales for years to come.

Story System- Story writing is critical for top copywriters. Through evolution, the human brain is wired in such a way that stories are the best way to build trust, fuel desire, and make your marketing memorable. But there is a huge misconception about the use of stories in the marketing world.

Most copywriters spend their time trying to come up with a good story. But the best stories that boost sales numbers are not made up – they are found.

Now they can be hard to locate unless you have this brilliant system ensures you will find the story which is the best for making more sales and how to make it riveting enough to turn prospects into buyers.

This sales story system was developed with the help of a professional Hollywood screenwriter, and you won’t need any practice or experience with creative writing to put it to work for you.

This skill is something copywriters struggle with all the time but once you know this secret process, you will never have to worry about finding a powerful story that sells your offer.

The Right Way To Set Up A Swipe File– 99% of copywriters who use swipe files end up writing dull copy which is too familiar with buyers and never gets the kind of results the original copy did.

Halbertizing is showing copywriters the best way to set up and use a swipe file to give yourself an advantage over everyone using templates, AI software, and swipe files to write what amounts to hack copy.

Editing Tricks To Inject Hidden Psychology– All of the world’s best ad writers use hidden psychology in their marketing.

The great ad man David Ogilvey even said he is not a great copywriter and his success was based on being a terrific researcher and a fantastic editor but try finding anyone else who shows you the unknown techniques used to keep buyers paying attention to your sales message.

Halbertizing has the first complete editing formula developed just for advertising and the training inside Halbertizing walks you through each step in this brilliant system to make prospects keep paying attention to your marketing for fear they will miss something critical to their future.

Several Tricks Proven To Cure Writer’s Block!

You will never feel the frustration of wondering where to begin or get stressed caused by any delays caused by struggling to get words flowing so you can meet all deadlines but be warned.

Even though you will be able to pump out great copy, don’t make it look too easy or your clients will think they paid too much for the little time you put in.

Instead, write fast, rework your what you wrote when you find something great to add but deliver your amazing copy right before the deadline.

A Complete Set of Proven Templates & Frameworks

The Halbertizing program not only shows you what to say in your ads but we also share a lot of easy to fill-in-the-blank  templates and funnels so you can easily insert what we show you how to write to make your copy stand out and impress clients.

These templates and formulas have been tested and honed over time and…

Armed with these templates and other marketing strategies, you will immediately be of value to most businesses eager to create effective marketing campaigns so you can…

Earn As You Learn!

Halbertizers are more valuable to small and medium sized businesses because you will be able to show your clients how to make more money faster than anyone who is just clever with words.

We also give you…

Direct Marketing Strategies

How To Get More Business Out of Every Client- Your massive success as a copywriter will also depend upon the success of your clients. To help them maximize their potential you MUST show your clients how to make more money. When you do this, you’ll also add more higher paying gigs for yourself.

A lot of the hard-earned secrets you will get from Halbertizing show you how to make more money by making your clients more money. These proven methods for increasing profits are super simple, cheap to put into action, and highly effective.

How To Get Amazon To Send Emails Promoting Your Products For FREE– Imagine what it would be like to receive 10-13 wire transfers direct to your bank account from worldwide book sales each and every month for years.

We will show you how to do this with zero advertising, and Amazon does all the promoting while you sit back and watch the sales pour in. That’s exactly what Bond did for himself and others.

You will also see how to turn these book buyers into a never ending stream of customers for your client’s higher priced products,

Pro Tip: Even if you don’t want to write a book for branding, commission sales, or as a lead generating process, it’s important to know how to do this because clients will pay you good money to get Amazon to help promote their business.

Locating A Starving Crowd- The richest copywriters in the world write their own offers. And their very first step to building their evergreen business is to locate a starving crowd eager to buy and sell them what they crave. But, where do you find a starving crowd?

The secrets to locating a starving crowd are simple. The training in Halbertizing will show you how to do this so you can always see great opportunities in any economy or any change in the markets you want to work in.

PRO TIP: Most businesses have not identified the best sources of customers and when you do a small test proving you can bring in even hotter leads even more desperate to buy, you can get paid to customize promotions for that new audience and get a hefty retainer to become their CMO Chief Marketing Officer.

Branding Yourself As An Expert In Days Not Years- The best way to make sales is to have all your potential buyers pre sold when they visit your website or call you. Most of your customers will do a Google Sniff test before they buy, and if what they see makes them
trust you more than anyone else, you’re more likely to get the sale.

Those who check you out will go from wondering if you are the right person to hoping you will let them hire you.

Getting Your First Clients (Even If You Have No Experience) – One of the master classes teaches you how to get clients so you can jump start your career and end the frustration of hoping someone will give you your first job.

Easy Funnel Building- Copywriting isn’t much use without people to sell to, and if you know how to build audiences using social media, cheap ads,

Bonus Master Marketing Strategies From The World’s Best Marketing Experts

Kevin and I have helped many of the world’s best copywriters craft better offers. And some of those top marketers have helped us by giving high-level trainings to our group.

These experts charge their own students thousands of dollars for these trainings, but they’re all included in Halbertizing. Some of their secrets include:

Ben Simkin

Top 1% Of Amazon Ad Buyers

Book Funnels And Scaling

Facebook Ad Campaigns

This is a great lead generating system you see all the big players using but Ben actually shares the real numbers behind his campaigns and how he keeps the buyers wanting more.

Big Jason Henderson- The Email Experts Hired By ALL The Big Players

All Things Email Marketing

Armed with this knowledge alone you can immediately start your career as an email copywriter.

Caleb O’Dowd- Direct Response Marketing Genius

Building Lucrative Facebook Groups

This is a massive and cheap lead generating strategy which will work in any type of social media which allows groups like Facebook, Linked-In, Discord, etc.

Carlos Redlich- Top Copywriting Career Coach

How To Close Big Clients

When you are ready to get very high paying clients, you can use Carlos’ system without connections, cold calling or luck.

David Deutsch- A List Copywriter

How To Write Effective

Copy Without Hype

If you want to write effective copy without feeling sleazy this is the secret.

James Schramko– Founder of SuperFast Business

Scaling Your Business While Working Part Time

Want to build and agency or just stop being limited by how much time you have? James reveals how he runs his multi-million dollar business working just a few hours a day and without running around trying to make a huge team of people happy.

Jon Benson– Inventor and Master of the VSL (Video Sales Letter)

How To Write An Effective VSL Scripts

VSLs are still hot and work better than just the written word. Jon not only invented the VSL but he is still the leading expert in Video Sales Letters and reveals the most important tricks to making them work.

Julian Reyes- A-List Copywriter

The Secrets To Writing For

Highly Regulated Markets

The most lucrative markets are also the most highly regulated and involve a great deal of legal risk you can only avoid if you have this kid of advice from experts successfully operating in these hot spots.

Lawton Chiles- Professional Copywriter

Email Templates

These simple and easy to use templates will keep all of your small to medium sized clients happy with little work from you.

Jordan Swanson- Founder & CEO at ReachFire LLC

The Ins and Outs of

Programatic & Native Advertising

Ever wonder about the ads which show up in apps or articles? Jordan explains how he specializes in this form of advertising which can help your clients expand their successful campaigns.

Lorrie Morgan– A-List Copywriter & Copy Coach

Better Bullets Training

This is no ordinary bullet training. You can use her system and know exactly what bullets to put where and how to write them instantly.

Million Dollar Mike Morgan– Agora’s Top Copywriter

What It Takes to Work For The

Gold Standard of Direct Marketing Companies

Mike also hires from our groups and you don’t want to miss him explaining what is expected of writers who get $50,000 plus royalties for every project.

Roxie Monette- Rising Star of The Direct Marketing World

Webinars A-Z

This is the #1 training for anyone wanting to get into creating webinars as Roxie shows you everything from advertising to get people into the webinars, how to set up your webinars to sell, and she covers both the tech and creative sides in detail.

Scott Steele– 30 Year Direct Response Marketing Veteran

Four Emails That Can’t Go Into The Spam or Promotions Box By Law

Thomas Dean Donnelly- Professional Hollywood Scriptwriter

How To Make Stories More Engaging

Most copywriters’ biggest struggle is with stories. Between my story system and Tom’s tricks for sucking readers in and keeping them engaged, you will have a huge advantage over 95% of all copywriters.

Travis Cody– Top Email Copywriter

The Best Email Templates From Top Marketers

These templates were developed over years working with the industries biggest players and will keep even the most experienced clients happy.

These experts all stayed in the group so as a member you can ask them questions too.

Now I’m not going to give you 30 page sales pitch here because I don’t have to.

Actually what I need to explain is…

Why Is This So Affordable?

My father started the family tradition of providing the very best direct response marketing advice at a cost anyone could afford.

Plus, the majority of our members stay with us for years which is much longer than almost any other membership program and this steady income allows us to focus on getting more and more experts to join us and continue creating training videos we sell outside the group for much more money than members pay to access those same trainings done live in the group..

In fact, we prefer making members happy over getting new members so much…

Halbertizing Has Only Opened Up To New Members Twice In Two Years!

But now there are so many training videos, we can focus more on giving members personal attention whether it’s helping you develop a marketing plan, punch up your copy, or scale your business and here is…

Proof This Is The Best Deal In Marketing

Even if you set aside that each of these training videos is worth more than six months of membership fees in Halbertizing or that you will have access to people whose time nobody can buy, or the fact that Kevin and I each get over $1,000 an hour for consultations, or the fact that the program is 100% tax deductible, here is the way to think about your investment.

The best part of Halbertizing is it is only $67 a month so you don’t have to give up any other mentorship group and if you don’t think it’s the best membership program, you can cancel at any time.

Other groups charge a large up front fee or require members to pay for s  minimum number of months to join and many of our members are in all the other bigger groups but here is where they get the personal attention and a unique advantage over everyone in the other groups.

I have nothing against those other groups.

In fact, I have given some of the most popular trainings in those groups and some of them are run by my friends who are stunned we don’t charge more.

Halbertizing is the only group you will need but you should stick in all the groups you can just for networking purposes and to discreetly use what I teach you to see if you can’t beat their other members out of jobs.

Now Halbertizing is of course not for everyone and so many of our members have been with us since the beginning because I make it clear…

What Halbertizing is NOT!

We do not focus on content writing at all.

Our sole focus is on helping businesses grow and 1,000 sales is worth more than 100,000 likes so if you are afraid to ask for a sale in your copy, we are not the group for you.

Halbertizing is also not for people who charge by the word or by
the hour.

If you want to play at the higher levels and get paid the kind of money which let’s you walk away from any client you don’t like, you must charge an upfront fee and work towards making most of your money on commissions which should ALWAYS come on top of your upfront fee.

Halbertizing is not for hard core grinders. Halbertizing is about scientifically finding out what your customers want and need to hear in  order to buy so there is no pushing the boundaries of truth.

We show you how to close sales but we are all about designing win win win situations for you, your clients, and your client’s customers which means everyone must have no regrets.

So should you give us a shot?

Think about it this way.

What if we are wrong and I’m risking the Halbert name and overhyping the value of what’s inside Halbertizing?

In that case you will have wasted $67 you could have spent on a nice lunch for two and you get to tell the world Gary Halbert’s sons learned nothing from their legendary father which has never happened, but…

What if I’m right?

What if Halbertizing gives you the marketing chops, systems, tools, and personal help which allows you to climb to the top of the copywriting world where my friends are just a few months and, more than likely, a few years faster?

Looking at it that way, you really can’t afford not to give Halbertizing a shot.

Once you join you will get a link to a Facebook group.

After you click on that link you must hit the button which requests to join and then my daughter Emma will let you in.

At the very top of the discussion feed there will be a doc Emma posted which shows you where all the previous trainings are to be found and you will be alerted when we have scheduled new trainings with guest experts, myself, or Kevin.

If at any point you have a question about anything you can simply ask it in the group because everyone in Halbertizing is super friendly and helpful.

Why you should join now

We are migrating to a membership site which will dole out all these trainings about once a week but right now you can get access to ALL the trainings from day one plus…

You can save a ton of money by joining before the membership dues are raised on new members again.

Since the last time we raised the monthly membership fee, I have slowly been proving to my brother we make more when we charge more so the price will be going up soon but here is the most important reason not to wait to join.

We only have open enrollment about once a year. The rest of the time is spent focusing on serving members the best we can so every member of our marketing family inside Halbertizing has an advantage until the latest and greatest marketing tactics we share get adopted by the rest of the marketing world so join now.

Still on the fence?

Here is what others say about me and Halbertizing…

Bond Halbert casually mentioned one of the copywriting techniques he uses — his very specific way of writing bullet points.

I asked him to repeat himself as I scrambled to write it down…

I’ve used that exact bullet point technique ever since. The results?

Just one year after that dinner I’ve had FOUR (4), million-dollar and multi-million-dollar promo launches.

Rob Braddock Jr.
Financial Copywriter

I heard that Bond was the best copywriting teacher in the world and I was a little skeptical but after he taught me more in 20 minutes than I learned in an eight week course I can tell you it’s freaking true!

Dan Sorkin
Professional Copywriter

Any interaction with Bond and his groups is the ‘real deal’ and I highly recommend him as a teacher and a mentor.

John Carter- Los Angeles, CA

Bond is on my short list (very short list) of people I call when I have a
marketing problem… or… for that matter, ANY problem.

Scott Haines
Professional Copywriter

Implemented everything yourself and Ben said and…the campaign alone is adding an extra 7-9k in revenue per day!

Matt Murphy
Happy Mammoth

Many great marketers have spoken to our writing team but none were able to immediately increase writing ability (and revenue) like Bond did.

Craig Clemens
Golden Hippo

If you are looking for ideas you haven’t heard before, which can lead to new breakthroughs
for your business, then Bond Halbert is enormously valuable, and in fact, irreplaceable.

Sammy Markowitz
Professional Copywriter

…I never doubt their instincts in business, and I know first-hand that they sucked up every detail of marketing wisdom from their dad possible. They have the Halbert mojo…

John Carlton- NV
A List Copywriter

I’m not a copywriter by trade, but you absolutely saved me many months of learning in only an hour.

Austin Distel

If you ignore Bond Halbert, you’ll never be a great writer.

Justin Blackman

We all hope to see you inside.



PS While we can give you everything you need to go from scrounging for clients to commanding a high fee, we can’t start until you join and as I said, we only open to new enrollment about once or twice per year.

Join Now!