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Dear Fellow Marketer,

I’m Bond Halbert, the son of Gary C. Halbert, who is arguably the greatest copywriter who ever lived. He wrote the most widely mailed sales letter in history and he has written more winning ads in various markets than any other copywriter to date.

His world famous newsletter was the inspiration and guiding light for many of today’s top marketers and copywriters.

Sales attributed to Gary Halbert measure in the BILLIONS.

As one of his fans so eloquently put it…"if you study copywriting to any degree, you will soon realize, all roads lead to Gary Halbert."

You may recognize my name from the collection of letters my father wrote teaching me how to write effective copy, which he later compiled into a world famous marketing book called The Boron Letters.

Well, recently, I discovered a few of my father’s less well known ads which are also great examples of the best sales copy he ever wrote.

I mentioned my amazing discovery on facebook and the frenzied response made me realize just how hungry the market truly is for more examples of Gary Halbert’s most profitable ads, along with a comprehensive and honest breakdown of the thinking behind his best work.

To help serve this starving crowd, my brother and I have teamed up to break down and provide a real understanding of our father’s most successful ads and sales letters.

As his offspring, my brother and I know more about his work than anyone else on the planet. We know which ads were actually written by Sir Gary of Halbert and which promotions were ghost written for him.

We also know which ads worked and which ads are floating around despite not being profitable.

Most important of all, we know the real reasons behind every single line. Heck, we know the reasoning behind every single word.

- In the video we reveal...

Gary Halbert Secrets Nobody Else COULD Know

(Silent Preview)

... and we explain the tactics he uses to maximize sales.

Plus, as his children, we can provide the real unaltered ads he himself wrote.

And…you can rest assured our products don’t contain malicious software designed to capture your personal info or track your moves online.

The first ad we are breaking down was written for non other than marketing legend Jay Abraham.

This classic ad has proven to be a great example of how to promote specific people and the value of their work. It's also an excellent swipe for anyone wanting to sell a service.

This Ad brought Mr. Abraham over 600 potential clients to choose from and if you know what Jay charges, that's a whole lot of money.

Kevin and I both took separate notes and did not share our thoughts with each other until we recorded the breakdown, and I must say, after you watch this, you will have a better understanding of why this is a classic masterpiece lauded over by so many copywriters.

We really went deep into this one, explaining the hidden psychology behind everything from the whole concept, down to specific words and even the punctuation.

We went into such detail, that time got away from us and... with the exception of a few breaks, we made the recording in one long take.

We are talking...

Over 4 Hours of Halbert's Dissecting Halbert & It Never Gets Dull

This may go down as...

The Most Thorough Ad Breakdown In History & its Jam Packed With Tips For Writing Effective Copy

(Silent Preview)

We even explain how to use the ad a as a template to promote your own services or the services of your clients.

To make the video and these lessons available to everyone who could benefit from such powerful information, we priced this new resource so low, anyone can afford to make the investment.

My marketing buddies say this information should go for as much as $497 but we know there are folks new to copywriting and direct response marketing who feel they can’t afford to make a $497 purchase and don’t yet know the value of this offer is ten times more.

So… we are making this video available for $297. However, if you grab your copy now we will knock $100 off the price making it only $197 for the fresh Gary Halbert info you have been craving.

To make all four hours available at such a low price, we had to make it into a five-part online video training series, which means you can...

Start Learning How To Write Better Copy In Less Than 5 Minutes!

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Now, nobody has an excuse to not get a hold of some of the best copywriting lessons on earth. In fact, at this price, you simply can’t afford not to jump on this great deal or you risk letting your competition get a leg up on you. I know that once word of this offer spreads, people will be lining up to get in.

And… even though this product is already way under-priced, lets make your decision super easy by sweetening the pot.

Free Gift #1

I had Alice Mischica from Specialized Mailings reproduce a couple hundred copies of the ad on newsprint and restore it to it’s full formatting so folks can see, feel and experience the ad exactly as this masterpiece originally looked when it ran in the papers.

For those who order right away, I will throw in not one, but two copies of the reproduced ad.

This way you can use one copy to read along with the video and take notes on, leaving the other to frame and hang on your wall as so many top copywriters do with their prized collection of Gary Halbert works.

Free Gift #2

We also created a pdf. version of the ad with all of the power words highlighted. These are designed to trigger the emotional appeal that makes the reader's greed glands salivate.

Free Gift #3

We also tossed in another PDF copy of this masterpiece with all of the transition phrases highlighted. These are great examples of how to make the jump from one seemingly unrelated point to another without losing the reader's attention.

Gary Halbert is famous for his many exploits. But, in this video, you will see why his work is an obsession with all of today’s best marketers and why Gary is widely considered to be the top gun of copywriting.

The bottom line is, understanding the principles pioneered by Gary Halbert are critical for anyone wanting to make a big splash in the next marketing frontier that technology brings, just as today's biggest marketers applied them to facebook, PPC campaigns etc.

There is no doubt what you will learn in the video will give you a competitive edge over your competition and for those who already consider themselves experts in the ways of Gary Halbert, this will be like a well needed booster shot.

For those just learning how important effective copywriting is, grasping Gary Halbert’s shrewd and savvy school of thought through these lessons, is a sure-fire way to make a monumental difference in your writing skills. This really is a starter course for success.

Plus, as I said, when you are done, you will see how to use this masterpiece as a template to sell your own services and/or the services of your clients.

You can’t go wrong.

100% Iron Clad 90-Day Money Back Guarantee!

In fact, if you make the investment, I’ll personally guarantee this will be your most profitable decision of 2012.

Here’s the deal: Order today, now, and we will automatically (in the next 5 minutes) send you the link to get started and put your free bonus gifts in the mail. Watch the videos and review the free bonus gifts. You have a full 90 days to do this. And then, if you don’t think this unique, one-of-a-kind package is everything I’ve said here (and more), send it back for an instant, no questions asked refund of every penny you paid.

To take advantage of this amazing offer, just click the "Buy Now" button at the bottom of this page and do it today, because I have a feeling we will run out of the newsprint ads real fast.

With regards, Bond Halbert




PS Here is what others who have seen the video say...



... I never doubt their instincts in business, and I know first-hand that they sucked up every detail of marketing wisdom from their dad possible. They have the Halbert mojo.

They possess an insider's knowledge of how Gary worked that is unparalleled by any of the many writers and marketers who hovered around the edges of 'Circus Halbert'. (That's the name I came up with after my second year of seeing the wonderful chaos and unpredictable fun that Gary could produce in business.)

These guys are a bubbling resource of insight and knowledge about the 'behind the scenes' thought, research and action that went into every Halbert ad. They watched Gary go through the routines of writing, participated in the back-and-forth arguments he looped through when perfecting his ideas, and lived the creative process with him, day after day, year after year.

Listen to what these two share carefully. There is no better insider resource.

I still can't believe these two punks grew up into men. Where does the time go?" John Carlton - "The most respected and ripped-off copywriter on Earth"



--- "I made many notes whilst listening to this powerful insight into the amazing genius Halbert mind. I recommend this to any business owner seeking marketing excellence"

James Schramko - Professional Marketer


David Deutsch
"A revealing, insightful, eye-opening look into how Gary Halbert worked his magic."
David L. Deutsch, top direct response copywriter

- “As someone who has been editor of a highly-acclaimed ad breakdown service for copywriters and marketers… and… dissected and critiqued scores of ads over the years, I must say I am thoroughly impressed with what Bond and Kevin have put together here.

“Actually, I’m a bit envious. My ad breakdowns are considered good (even great, according to some)… but… I’ve never seen anyone, anywhere go into this level of detail. Especially on something Gary wrote.

“I worked side by side with Gary for nearly a decade and had the privilege of seeing, hearing and absorbing (literally by osmosis) his process and mindset… and… it transformed my life from one of poverty and lack, to one where I can get almost anything I want with the power of my pen. “Unfortunately, no one can learn directly from Gary anymore… but… this product is hands down the next best thing!” Scott L. Haines - Professional Copywriter and author of Shortcut Copywriting Secrets™

"I'm not sure I've ever seen anyone do ad breakdowns to such detail before. Your insights can help any budding copywriter, very quickly, learn A LOT from the sales pulling punch of highly successful ads. And this type of instruction may perhaps be the best way to learn how to write killer advertising. So I think this is awesome." Sammy Markowitz -Professional Copywriter


I'll definitely be viewing this over and over again, whenever I need another hit of unadulterated high-octane copy juice." Judy Kettenhofen - Professional Copywriter


Bond and Kevin break it down line by line and word for word. You can look inside Gary Halbert and understand why each word was important and why he placed it where he did...

Don’t cheat yourself – watch these online videos! John Carter - Owner